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"You have to make wonderful use of those hands now."
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Jane H.
Finally someone said it!!!
Reading this only makes me that much happier to have a job that is as fun and borderless as it is. ;-) I love the message this article sends.
You guys should have mentioned that if you do quit your job you will probably get quitters remorse, I did, well more lack of money remorse, compared to what I earn now and what I use to earn a month ago, dam it hurts. Though my situation is a bit different, in that I'm currently on a working holiday in a different country, wanted to do it whilst I was still young. I was earning good money, have been for a while but I felt caged in by my job and that if I didn't do anything now I probably never would.
I am so glad to be back in school to do just this :)
For sure, the more beacons the better! Thanks for the push.
It was extreme generalization with anecdotal evidence, this is a poor article. 
Great article, love how its written
Thanks for the motivation. Amazingly true article. I have been taking baby steps for the past year since I was laid off from a very nice paying job. Have a new job now, but my wife and I are working on something. Just the push we needed.
I gave my 2 weeks notice today!
I would've posted earlier but my shift in the salt mines wasn't quite over. Praise to the heavens I only was beaten thrice by my taskmasters... A very excellent article...
I been saying this to my friends for a long time now, the future is on outsourcing. Well written, that was an awesome read. 
Thanks, James. I really enjoyed your thoughts.
i don`t really get this
Bullshit. Easier said than done... Quiting your job cold turkey and becoming an entrepreneur without a safety net is only for a very small number of people. This article will put people homeless in the streets.

I've been there, it's not easy (but doable and most definitely not for folks with a family to feed).

I believe in getting out of the rat race as much as the next person but make sure you think twice before making the leap. 
o_0.... but I just started my job
Absolutely... This article just called me up
+Vincent Nguyen Not bullshit. I did it and I am happy with my graphic/web design business. It's been 3 years now. What worked for me was to lower my expenses and bills to the bare minimum. I stayed there for 2 years and then I started building up again.

In the meantime I focused on the business, which I started with only 2 laptops and a very humble website.  

So far so good. 
Thank you fir posting this article. I too was dependant on corporate America, living a lie, until I set out on my own. I will say that not everyone will be able to go out and create a successful company. Many won't be able to handle the initial failures. Yes, almost everyone will fail when starting a new business. Those who learn from their mistakes and can get back up will reap the benefits. Business is as in nature, survival of the fittest. Or in my case, the most stubborn. 
Been there done that and had to go back to a real job. Now trying to do it again from square one. 
+Franklin Morrison Care to explain? I'm not quite sure how this article was generalized with little evidence. The evidence is looking through your eyes. I've been on this Earth for almost 27 years and I've seen more hardship among the working class than I care to enjoy. We've been outsourcing jobs since Clinton thought it was a good idea during his presidency and we still are. Watch the show Shark Tank and count how many times an entrepreneur who has an amazing product that would bring major wealth to them no matter the case, wants to OUTSOURCE the manufacturing of said product to China to cut major costs. Perfectly good jobs that Americans could use to hopefully better their lives. Of course that's putting class status aside. I think the James hit the nail on the head. The middle class has always been the one to really make a company run. Doing the job of 5 people while making just enough money to enjoy life a little less stressful. Now with technology and outsourcing, the middle class is going by the wayside in favor of saving money. So that middle class is now becoming the peasant or the wealthy. No more grey area. You're either in or out.

Now that my rant/civil opinion is over; on a lighter note, I've been contemplating about quitting my job or reducing my hours to focus more on my photography business and signs have been popping up every where saying that this might be my year :-)
+Vincent Nguyen Vincent, thank you for bringing another point of view to the article rather than just saying "bullshit."

I started my own business with my friends about 8 years ago and would never go back to the - "rat race"? Not a fan of that phrase. Its a hard thing to describe. The rat race is really self-imposed.

I think its healthy to question your current it bringing you one step closer to your ideals? If what you're doing today isn't bringing you closer to your ideals tomorrow than its a waste of time and you should stop doing it as soon as possible.
Ryan Bingham: Your resume says you minored in French Culinary Arts. Most students work the frier at KFC. You busted tables at Il Picatorre to support yourself. Then you got out of college and started working here. How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?
Bob: Twenty seven thousand a year.
Ryan Bingham: At what point were you going to stop and go back to what made you happy?
Source-IMD quotes Up in the Air (2009)
+Derek Alan Rowe I'm living the entrepreneur life...have been for 10-years. I'll never go back to working for another person again - ever. That being said, the start up lifestyle isn't for everyone. 
I personally don't think my skills or resume is strong to start my own company, plus my debt is already big enough. There's a level of resiliency, courage and patients required to start your own company and I don't think many of us have the motivation to take the leap of faith. Whilst I agree with the inspirational aspect of quitting your job to do what you love, its really really difficult to make it happen. I think i've got another 5-10 years before I would feel comfortable enough venture out on my own
Alex.  You're missing the point.  You can start forming your ideas now.  Take baby steps.  You can do it.  
I didn't miss the point, i read the article. It close to home for me and I am taking baby steps, I've identified areas where I believe I need to work on in order to venture out on my own in 5-10 years. What I am saying is that, simply saying "hey I'm gonna quit so I can work for myself" is easy but actually making it happen and then keeping it going is a completely different animal
Meditation brings prosperity! 
This month begins year three of owning a business my partner and I started with no money and no credit. This year I will get to quit my job all over again as I walk away from the aspects of the business I like least to focus on the ones I am best at and love most. Other people are being put in place to handle the jobs I fire myself from. Doing what I love best and do best not only creates happiness for me but also creates jobs for others. Who knew? Go do what you love.  Life is good. 
Awesome read , I already have some of these things in motion!
Seems to me, this article is still trying to sell the "American Dream". Get started. Make a business. Build ideas. These were the ideals that started all the things that became the very corporations we lament these days. A better question is, why do we tolerate all this outsourcing? Why do we let companies get away with increasing their margins at the cost of our own livelihood? We fed these monsters. And now we all seek to become them.
Lame article. Regret spending time reading and typing this. 
I smell... Tyler Durden qualities in this....
This year goin to be a good year for me babi, i don't know you!
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There's a decent message buried underneath all that sensationalism.
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This isn't necessarily just about starting a company or a business, it's about finding out what you really want out of life and taking steps to achieve that. It's something I've certainly been thinking a lot about recently so I'm going to return to this article in a years time to see exactly what I've achieved!
I'm working on coolecting disability

+Franklin Morrison my thoughts exactly. It really reads like the random rantings of a pessimist who wants everyone else to share their misery and outlook.
A good read like this article so true.
like But I could be so happy being me, that you'd shit on yourself for having a robot.  It's an autoplant scare from the 80's, no robots here man.  You know a self fixing robot?  Me with some magic formula?  It's no contest to shit.  The only reason they wouldn't love you is because you really love you.  All the haters, and their just not 
This article makes some good points and bad points. Yes, the corporate world hardly encapsulates the american dream, but the benefits are superb. 30 days of paid vacation, health insurance and matching retirement plan. To say that retirement savings soon will be unable to outpace inflation is a lofty claim, at best. Is the corp world my dream? No. If i pursued my dream job, id have to find a way to come up with an additonal $1000 a month to cover a staggering health insurance bill which is not cheap for self employed individuals. The article is inspiring but heavily opinionated and not very realistic.
man made money and money made man take care by the time u plan to make money. not to be made by money!
yap this is the best article i have seen
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