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Reports are coming in: People haz a sad today.
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Me too,kid....sorry for what your going through
There's no crying in politics!
That was painful to watch. The child is literally crying with tears streaming down her face and instead of comforting her, someone gets out their phone and tapes her? What is wrong with people?
gotta wonder how many of the nay sayers are parents.  Kids cry. Often. And for no good reason.   I'd feel sorry for the kid if her parents came running every time she cried. 
i'm tired of bronco bamma too miss abigael. hopefully he'll be gone really soon!
I'd like to make a late entry. I nominate "None of the Above" for President. 
Tommi B
Id like to elect romney though i truly believe nierther of them are gonna do anything to help!!
Time to lose some weight, chubby girl.
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