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Which apps do you use while road tripping?
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Google Maps, Gas Buddy, INRIX Traffic.
Google My Tracks, Maps, on my trusty Galaxy note 2. Google Books comes along for the ride too! A bit of video and video editing takes place on the road too.
Google Maps to navigate, Google Local to find restaurants and local shops, and Google Currents to keep track of the news
I use +aCar to track mpg and other car related stuff. Stream +Pandora through my speakers. And use Google Local to see which exits off the highway have hotels, gas, bathrooms, and food. 
They make drug finder apps now? I try to leave my tripping for when I am not on the road. Males it easier on everyone.
I usually use tomtom. I pay for what they call hd traffic and love how it reroutes me through traffic. For local I usually use google maps. Best poi in the business. 
Roadtrips are a different kind of fun these days. Good article.
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