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Gift Guide: the Google Nexus 4 -

How many of you want one of these?
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PHil G
on the way :)
Erik H.
Waiting for the inevitable "cna I have it 4 free plz" post to show up.

Edited to add that yes, I very much want one. ;)
My mother was asking about the whole "smartphone thing" sat Thanksgiving, and i thought the N4 would be a great idea for her.
Want, Ordered, receiving in 7 weeks. 7 bloody weeks! Piss take.
If you don't think you want one... you're wrong.  You do.
Nope. No 4G and pathetically limited storage.
What I really want is my dispatch email.
If you need more than 16 GB of storage on a phone that is not the galaxy camera you are probably doing it wrong 
I'm happy with my Nexus Galaxy but ... that one looks really sexy. Anyway ... I'm thinking on Nexus 10 for this xmas!
Probably getting one at my local T mobile store today 
As I post this from my Nexus 4 I would just like to mention that I have achieved speeds of up to 25Mbps down and 8Mbps up on T-Mobile HSPA+ so all you people crying about no 4G really need to given it a rest. Of all the places I have traveled to so far the slowest speed I got was 3Mbps down and 1Mbps up. I would say of the close to 500 speed tests I ran that my average speed was about 8Mbps down and 3Mbps up... That is plenty adequate for a smart phone. What are you LTE sheep trying to do on your phones? Its a damn phone, you don't need speeds on it for downloading huge torrent files. That's what your computer is for.
+Lee Aaron You're kind of missing the point. The world is changing and mobile is becoming more and more the way people access the web. You're seeing people use their desktops/notebooks less and less for accessing the web, services, etc. I'm not an LTE sheep, in fact, my phone is using WiMAX and I'm quite happy with it. I'm glad you're getting good speeds on your N4 and hope you continue to do so but as more people access that HSPA+ network, your speeds will slow.

My main issue with the N4 is the lack of internal storage and the inability to add additional storage capacity via an SD card. Yes, I'm aware that Google is all about the cloud but when you're forced to go to the cloud for files and media that could be more efficiently accessed on the phone's internal storage, the lack of 4G becomes a major issue.
Off topic but 4G is way too pricey for most personal use - and by the time it isn''t the Nexus series will be several generations ahead of the 4.
+Mark Hayes , you are happy with WiMAX? I think you are missing the point then. WiMAX is a joke.. I had it on two Sprint phones and its reliability is laughable... How many more people need to access HSPA+ in New York City before it slows down? Think about how many already are and the speeds I am still achieving. I've never had close to 25 down on WiMAX. I listen to a catalogue of over 15,000 songs on Google play music by streaming it on HSPA+ without incident daily and I watch movies and videos stored on my home NAS drive on my phone using HSPA+ regularly without fail. LTE is in an immature state right now and WiMAX can't even carry a decent signal through a brick building.
What LTE is best at right now is draining your battery. WiMAX too. It will be another 2 years or more before true LTE is mature enough and deployed enough to become more reliable than HSPA+
+Lee Aaron Actually WiMAX works well for me, but then I'm in the SF Bay Area where we have pretty good coverage. Battery life does suck but then it did on the 3G phone I had before this one. Sprint has added a piece of software that looks for the best coverage and automatically switches between 3G, WiMAX and WiFi so that helps but everyone I know with a smartphone complains about battery life.

Battery life is the achilles heel of mobile computing and if I could ask the gods of technology for one boon, it would be to improve battery tech immediately (since there really hasn't been any advance in close to a decade)...
+Nathaniel Walker , maybe you're right but there is irrefutable evidence that LTE is a huge drain on any battery over all other means of mobile data consumption.
I'll take care of it and feed it and clean its pees and poos and take it for a walk twice per day and I already know that is not a toy. Can I? Can I? Can I? Pleeease
apps are free on Android with ads as they know that if they charge even $.99 for it, people will just download a copy of it for their rooted device....Android users, the largest collection of pirates anywhere.
+Pui lam henry right, that's why Google Play App sales numbers are so high I suppose.. Cause nobody pays for apps on Android even though the paid apps have grossed more than quadruple this year over two years ago. This conversation and this article isn't even about Apps.. Shows just how much of an iSheep you must be to come in here and post something negative when the topic had nothing to do with your post. Go back to your iPhone and drive somewhere with Apple Maps guiding you.
+Nathaniel Walker , no matter, what did that comment have to do with this discussion though. It was just an open shot about something conpletely irrelevant to the conversation. I buy plenty of apps and widgets on google play and do not steal anything and I am sure I'm not the only one.
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