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Samsung unveils its “Premium Suite Upgrade” for the Galaxy S III -
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David H
My favorite line from non-Nexus phones and their software releases... "Availability and timing of the Premium Suite upgrade will vary depending on the country and mobile carrier."
+David H The same is true for software releases for non-GSM Galaxy Nexus phones such as those on Sprint and Verizon. (If you consider those Nexus phones).
Such advances - it seem's like every few days' another fancy phone is Coming Out > all this reminds me of Polo-roid.  No Wonder they are all but gone.  Can You EAT a phone?
Aren't there already apps that can do all these things?
many of those features comes as a standard in Sony UI, not the split screen though.
Some of this stuff was available in Sony Ericsson's. 
Keith H
I need the split sceen feature. I think this is great news.
wow! wish to have that this coming christmas:)
+Keith H yes it's nice feature, but I found myself using it very rarely... It is more of a "flashy" than of really practical use
Keith H
+Hector Villalobos I'd call things like screen transition effects a flashy feature, but being able see 2 apps at the same time is useful.
+Keith H oh, you've got me wrong ... didn't want to say it's useless, just that I use it much less than I thought I would.
If we are going to depend on the carriers then by the time this comes out there will be an S4.. just saying!  
Some people like myself love my s3 and look forward to the premium update. 
Just care when it shows up on my phone
pathetic .. apps are  free on Android with ads as they know that if they charge even $.99 for it, people will just download a copy of it for their rooted device....Android users, the largest collection of pirates anywhere.
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