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George Lucas, the screenwriter and director best known for the Star Wars series, has made a move toward cashing out — big time.
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erik k
Wants 2 get paid,plus most ppeople hate eps,1,2,3!
I wonder how bad his gambling debts are that not even selling the star wars franchise was enough. 
Is he dying or something? something not right about this. And what about his kids? what investment is in it for them?
There seems to be a disturbance in the force.
Probably the deal he made with Disney beforehand
He's making a time machine to go back to his former self to be taught how to make great movies again.
He must be building a real Deathstar!!!
You better be part of the next series of Star Wars movies, else I'll lose all faith in creative minds.....
I wonder if it'll be enough $$ to survive on? I mean, after paying the cost of building his own DeathStar, he may only have enough Imperial Credits left for Bantha Bread & Rodian Rice...
He sells the franchise to Disney, then sells his stake in Disney... His lack of faith is...disturbing
Or, he feels that he wanted to liquidate his life's work so he could give something to his kids in uncertain times -- but that Disney were a bunch of reprehensible trogs that didn't fit with his principles on most things and he would rather have liquid assets to reinvest in things that didn't stick in his craw.

If you know much about his historical ideals/politics, and those of the Mouse, particularly back to Walt and all, you might see a conflict.

I can see myself doing just what he just did, conceivably.  I'm on that edge of idealistic and pragmatic -- it tends to get me in trouble with purists, and he tends to get into the same kinds of trouble...
i thought this a report "The Onion" might do.....
He is leaving earth and returning to that planet far far away that he left a long long time ago and yes those were the Droids they were looking for :-)
+sean slade that planet must have fifties hair styles and hot rods plus treasure hunting archaeologists with whips.
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