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Wow, and Android first app! What will tech blogosphere do with it?!?
They will blog about it, of course.
First, what does it do that other apps left out?
Oh and no. It's for an iPhone. I'll use the Android app. :D
Stef P
Android users should start crying about it.... -_-
We should all boycott the program and say how iOS users will ruin it all (i.e. instagram) lol
I'm pretty happy with Snapseed right now.
Stef P
Well said William. I never really got used to it. I actually really used to love lightbox.... 
Just download the app, it's a one stop add! Can crop, rotate, text box, effects, borders, letter, bokeh, kinna Instagram effects and more I will upload a pic to my profile :) definitely better than some o my payed apps :) for free!!
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