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Really important mobile trends here. Android appears to be on fire. Are you Android/iOS/Windows/Other?
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Android all the way (away from Win7/ChromeOS/Linux desktops).
Just switched from iOS to Android.  It just made sense because I was using Google Docs, Cal, Search, Mail, and Contacts.  I never really liked the way MobileMe/iCloud synced the native mac apps.  

I'm still wanting for Jelly Bean on my GS3 though, and that is annoying.
Win 7, Ipad 1, Droid Razr MAXX HD. And McLuvin' it
for me Android is much better than iOS
Currently ios but will be Android in December.
is that means ios will shut down
Android ftw for my mobile os.  Ubuntu/Linux for my home OS.  Windows when I absolutely have to.
Android is all grown up, looks great and is awesome. iOS while very good is stale, and boring. This is the result.
Android all the way, won't be changing.
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