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well samsung is the least suckiest. it is a shame all the devs like to really work with HTC.
Air conditioners, printers, etc... Samsung is the Google of hardware.
Win the war but still acting like a looser. Sad. I used to be a big fan of Samsung.
According to the report Apple is still making almost twice the amount of money in the mobile market. Apple's gross margin is 47.4 percent. Samsung’s margin, on the other hand, is 12.9 percent... NO
Samsung phones and tablets are the best in the android ecosystem. Apple still rules them all.
There is no doubt about that.
Currently I find Samsung devices to be very trustworthy (not saying they are the best), having good aesthetics and the touchscreens are sensitive enough.
And the most important, you can buy a Samsung smartphone for much cheaper prices than any iPhone without the need of signing some 2 year contract with your mobile operator.

For now, Samsung for king!
My Samsung Galaxy Mini agrees with this coment lol
Wait a minute... Just a few days ago TechCrunch told me that Apple was the undisputed king and that Android was in decline...

So much has changed in half a week =)

I hope you don't mind me quoting a TC article from four days ago, at which time other news sources had already reported that Samsung had become the number one smartphone and overall phone manufacturer...

"The iPhone 4S downright crushed a league of new Android flagship handsets. Android is faltering at the hands of the iPhone " ... "The same philosophy is driving the iPhone’s massive growth. There isn’t a better universal smartphone on the market. This isn’t open for discussion and the numbers prove it. Smartphones are now outselling less expensive feature phones with the iPhone as the number one seller. That states above all else that consumers overwhelmingly prefer Apple’s take on mobile phones. And for good reason."

I hate to be that guy, but I'm just really impressed by how much the market must have shifted in four days if both of your reports are fair and balanced.
the thing is most writers at techcrunch now have their own favorites.. there are a few who still write unbiased.. but..
pls enlighten us on what's that 50% extra that your nexus can do. and btw, how much does a nexus cost vis-a-vis "outrageous amount"
+Anthony Kelly ;) he said, "half of what my nexus can".. so, whatever nexus can, it's half of that, isn't it or my math skills are getting weaker ;) ;)
Because you said "the 50% extra", meaning that if iPhone can do 100 things, Nexus can do 150.

100 isn't half of 150 ;-)
+Fernando Silva "pay a lot more for products.. have superior rival".. In terms of iPhone & iPad, can you please give names of superior rival + their so-low-cost?
+Daniel Jay point. And what about the superior android tablet when compared with the $399 iPad 2?
The Galaxy Nexus is probably the best phone out at the moment.
btw, +Daniel Jay it's interesting to see iPhone 4s to Nexus cost comparison. When you compare "on-contract", they cost the same, 199 for 2 yr.
samsung congrats! don't on your success. Nokia is coming back.
+Daniel Jay don't misunderstand, I love ICS. I wouldn't choose any other OS in today's market. I was just being playful
Agree with +Anthony Kelly on the last sentence.. though not on the previous ones ;) at least not until HTC provides me with an upgrade.
Really? I totally hate the Galaxy Note.
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