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PSY’s “Gangnam Style” passes Justin Bieber’s “Baby” to become the most popular YouTube video ever with over 805 million views. You know you were one of the viewers -
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PH Lee
Psy's 'Gangnam Style' becomes most viewed YouTube video of all time »
"Gangnam Style," the cult hit by Korean hip-hop star Psy, has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time, beating the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber's "Baby."@psy_oppa 
Dan C
co je toto za kokota ... 
Still makes us dance..... Quit lying to yourself. 
My bad...I put it on repeat in order to keep my kid occupied
About time for TRUE talent to unseat that kid lol
Finally, YouTube viewers show some class...
Enough already with this fad, flash in the pan etc. 
Closing to 1 Billion views that's CRAZY
His channel already has like 1,000,000,000 Views @@
Good Good. Kpop rules ^o^ 
+TechCrunch with this post, I'm sorry, but I've got to remove you from my news and tech circles. No more PSY from you or you'll get "red flag"...
2 morons in this thread obviously don't realize that it must be doing something right when u reach 600K+ views. They just like to hate on people because it's not what they like. Grow up and realize there are more then just the music type that you like. Also this is still Tech news since it's about whats going on with Youtube. 
:3 You guys are silly. ^o^ KPOP RULES!
Ryan Ng
^^ We can't! Many kpoppers want to learn korean! I am almost there!
u r still a knack,but a rich one
P: He is a married man. TO A WOMEN. 
Nope. Never watched it.  Never will.
Its not stupid, you may think so because its getting to mainstream.. but .. I don't consider it to be Kpop anymore.. You wouldn't know its stupid because its korean.. different language
808 million now. Every time I look there's another couple million.
If that is the case then Bieber should make a new Single to out rank PSY "Oppa Bieber Style"
Dikorea gangnam style biasa aja.
no freaking way +1 this comment that Gangnam Style will surpass the 1 billion view mark
His channel already did ^^!~
Honestly, I'm sick of Gangnam style, even more than I was during the 'baby' days although have got nothing against it and it's a good song. Don't find anything extraordinary in it. I think it's a craze because it was made out to be so.
"Classy clothes, Trashy dance"
kool. we do the dance at school
^c^ What Kpop songs do you like then Kkangnam style? I am Kpop for 2 years... And Kkangnam style is one of my least favorite songs xD~
Love it world needs more 1 hit wonders 90s had so many 
He writes his own songs and choreographed the dance himself. He deserves all the recognition he's getting.
to be honest i'm not a big fan of bieber but i would rather liston to his music than this garbage
Congra Psy. u r no 1 on Youtube
Joe S
ok, i admit it... ...804,999,999 were me

HEY....sexxy lady
Awesome music globalization!
^c^ I am glad that isn't to viral. ^^ Want another one? I only show you my 2 favorite groups .. that was one.. BAM RATATATATA BEAT!
You guys do know that Kkangnam style isn't really WHAT ALL kpop songs sound like.. 
I agree.. +Maya Bradley  Why do they have to make a big deal outta a small viral thingy.. OMO IT HIT 2 MORE VIEWS. AHAH AMAZING
Ommo ;w; I love OST's and Anime! I have some for you too ^^
Psy's concerts in Seoul look off the hook...wish I could go.    
i cro
And Uhh.. Psy Held a free concert like a month ago, I saw it online. OMO IT WAS GOOD!
Lol I was actually playing that on the piano not that long ago.  Small world. :D
Waiting to hear about the Vegas trip from Jayme & Kyle
Ahhh xD You Approve ! xD How Kyute!  I do.. Piano.. Trumpet..  Uhhh.. Thats about it |:b xD
I will just hang out with my dog baby. She is a Female Pit Bull tiger stripped and, cook some dinner.
nope. wasn't one of them. Never watched a Bieber video on Youtube either. And I am fine with both of those things. :)
i love that song.OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He should re-brand himself as "Monkey style". There is absolutely no sense in his dance and it's just hype. There are better performers than this guy. 
I haven't watched it on YouTube and have only seen clips on "news" stories about its popularity; I won't be 'clicking' on the link or visiting YouTube to watch it, I have taste - that to which I have already been exposed is quite enough, thankyou.
The video's weird.... lol its funny to coz i don't know what the heck he's sayin'
Guilty!  I am one who watched the video..... more than once.... OK  more than three times.
Haven't watched it . Didn't interest me at ALL
one of d kwel sng i have hear awesum sng by psy
Finally a good piece of art pwnd JB-boy. Starcraft fans are glad twice :)
who actually like justin bieber? i hate him
i also hate him frm core of my heart 
Ryan Ng
+Luveli Hayes I do not just hate him. One can despise him with all one's heart, one would rather die than listen to another album of his. 
(Not that I hate his music of course. But I hate him.)
who ever hates him i shal <3 yew
Actually, no. I've never watched it. Seen the clips. Heard it at wedding receptions, but have never watched the video. 
I'm not knocking it, but I really don't care for it. It's just another one of those flash-moment, one-hit songs to me. Much like "Who Let The Dogs Out".
yea i guess ur right Leo Allen
Don't see why people hate or don't care, gangnam was funny. Better than beiber. 
so tru. WAY better than bieber!
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it izzzz a awesum sng aaaaaaa sexy lady
When I hear the tune......IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD...SO FULL OF HAPPY ENERGY....which is in short supply......thanks
HAHA you got pwned noob lolollolololololol and you too stupid fangirls trololololololololol :) happy face
OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!!! gangnam style.
bach in the dah sor unga inga jogging youcha. A ki a anga yurgu anga puko inga youcha. a vi a wama shiip duung sunga gawa inga youcha gudan gan, chan, inga youcha!
Nada sodo-hei, na jega nom da sara wank ka sodo-hei, I shido dega wan de shuido inga sodo hei, a va i shiip duungi ojo bado sodo hei, kudo sodo-hei!
And thei was, a sexy goh-wo, kude no, hey! ye bada no, hey! and thei was, a sexy goh-wo, kude no, hey! ye bada no, he! shikan votte a gachi gabu hei, hei, hei, hei, wo--o-o-o-o-o-oooo, hei.
Kung ke sa puichi ma multan puna youcha. Y dega shi pu puma dega mani puna youcha. Ka hachi muan man yanan ju poda yahan youcha, gudan gan, than, jogging youcha!
Nada sodo-hei! a janda hi a mucho mulda sodo-hei, dega dega whan, saro inga sodo hei, girlda puda sasan inga choldan gada sodo-hei! kudo sodo-hei!
And thei was, a sexy goh-wo, kude no, hey! ye bada no, hey! and thei was, a sexy goh-wo, kude no, hey! ye bada no, he! shikan votte a gachi gabu hei, hei, hei, hei, wo--o-o-o-o-o-oooo, hei.
Oppan gangnam style! Gangnam style! Op, op op op, oppan gangnam style! Gangnam style! Op, op op op, oppan gangnam style! Heeeeeey, sexy lady! Op, op, op, oppan gangnam style! Heeeeeeey, sexy lady! Op, op, op, op He-ei-ei-ei ey!
Feelin nom, korea nada nom. Baby, baby nada jorg, borg, ada nom. Feelin nom, korea nada nom. Baby, baby nada jorg, borg, ada YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING?
Oppan gangnam style. Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey! Ei heeeeeeey, sexy lady, op, op op, oppan gangnam style. Heeeeeeeey, sexy lady, op, opop, op Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey! Oppan gangnam style. (the end)

hope you enjoyed, i wrote this after listening to the video five thousand times a day since the song came out :)
seriously justin bieber that was gangnam styles competition?! why couldnt it be atleast a good song?
I wonder if PSY  stands for something?
OH! NO.......NO .......I   HATE PSY
prepare to get alot of hate sonny tong (not from me but from thousands of other people)
Wow I feel sorry for humans or whatever that would view or listen to this crap. Must be views coming from korea, or some inbred southern usa states.
My drama teacher stated doing that dance at my schools talent show on Nov. 19th! Funny right?
Hey I know why the koreans started a war a long time ago.. cause the song gangnam style oh wait that just came out

So I was--late last night, when we tested out a new TV.
Grrrrrr mom!!!There is a hobo in the backyard again.
Isn't it past ur curfue go to sleep!

Hey hey do u speak like that to ur mom?
That's interesting to say the least, to think I watched this video as a joke
I wasnt felling well and watched JB's video to make me barf
just watchd ths only to knw abt ths n nt 4 njoyment.
gangnim style is cool and minecraft style
put in skate3 style they do a mean gangnim style
what are you doing
looking for cool gangnim style songs
More of this...

Please just, stop being so horridly viral worthy you attention craving sniffle shit.
But to be fair, if its topping JB, I am ecstatic, that's like, awesome right there.
th last horse on the left is ignoring him lol good horse/smart horse too
soo it means tht horse hates him an his song 
I could care less about this useless trifle trying to pass itself as relevant music! 
Opo gangman style aaaaayyyn sexy laaaady opo gang man style lmfao its so addicting it get your spirit pumping 
Waited till today to actually watch it, never have watched a Bieber vid.  I thought it funny and fun!
The reason why it is number one video out there is because every one can understand what he says so well.
gangnamstlye is way better than justin bieber
gangnamstyle its ok and funny
it is ok.
but no one known whats the song about. except korean people

I am not one of them , good heavens .
gangnam style..........................................................................................................
Uh huh so

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Video made 2.4 million if he is YouTube Partner.. crazy!!
I don't know what kind of distorted universe I live in, but following the link above was my first exposure to Justin Bieber's music video. By contrast, I've probably been exposed to the Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up" video countless times. It's interesting that Psy and Rick Astley managed to break through into my consciousness so many times, yet the Bieber video managed to stay a world apart all this time.

I suppose the Rick Astley video is inevitable for anyone on the web for any length of time. As for teen music videos, not being a young teen seems to have a magical insulating effect.

As for "Gangnam Style," I suppose a billion views isn't too far away. I'm curious whether there are people still discovering this for the first time, or whether people find themselves bored one day and think to themselves, "I know. I'll watch Gangnam Style one more time."
This reminds Chris Gales dance after becoming T20 Champ.
rob big
Def forced myself to watch it too...
Actually no, I was'nt. I know that 5 minutes from now, he'll be just another has been.
oppagangnam style hahaha
thats awesome and i knew that gangnam style will lead and rock
Just another she bangs it'll b over in a minute.
Its a fun song like the mockeraina from back in the day or did you all have sticks up you ass back then too? I mean damn ppl...if you dont like the song turn on your SPRINGSTEEN, SPEARS old ass BEATLES shit and let everyone else enjoy the new decades music you old coot!!!!!
Good 4 him different strokes 4different folks!
Never seen it either! :) No need or wish to!
rawr, just because...
this proves world has apparently lost its sanity.
Its worst Dance....Look around ther are many talented dancers...You will enjoy lot.
Heyyyy sexy lady....oppa gangnam style. 
i am a big fan of jb but i can be hating thios song it's cool
Gangnam  is old and boring, I'm going back to my Deathmetal \m/
guess if new album is launch by honey singh and hussain .so how many likes r thr....
This guy proved that even ordinary music movie can shake the world and sometimes isn't necessary to invent something amazing.
How the hell did this happen!
And more importantly, how the hell did "Baby" get that far!
There are far to many haters on this thread, whether you like either video or not viral videos are viral for a reason. This sort of thing needs study and matters.
ZD Bao
Stupid dance.
can most honestly say that i've seen neither
I never found gangnam style om youtube :|
Clar O
i cannot do gangnam style. matty b can do  it right
haven't watched it on Youtube but I have seen the clip
Ryan Ng
hey sexy lady
haha my brother still isn't done wth his homework

Ryan Ng
Bieber, prepare to suffer eternally at Psy's hands.
Ryan Ng
Justin Beaver sucks
Ryan Ng
Welcome to Gangnam. Home of Psy and Gangnam Style.
A lot of people hate this song, but I have to admit, it is catchy.
i hate it, it is so lame and retarded
Ryan Ng
It is really retarded yet it is true
Amazing>_< I think of people have many pressures on hand every day resulted in this abnormal phenomenal.   
Nice one this is much better than Justin Bieber's Baby........
Ryan Ng
Oppa Gangnam Style
gangnim style is a hit

i think the HIT means people like to hit it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
Ryan Ng
oh, hey there
cool south korean are really creative and cool
Ryan Ng
Gangnam Style
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