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One dev, at least, is doing great on Windows 8 -
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Windows wha'? Oh, yes, the clunky "new" operating system from Redmond. No, thanks.
It's not clunky at all - it's actually pretty darn stable and reliable.
developers should do the same thing they did with Android, create free ad-based versions of their apps.
+Chuck Fresh  I've played with it for a few days and I have to say that it is light years behind it's competition. Maybe Win 9 or 10 will be able to catch up, but I really doubt it. See, the problem is that Microsoft did not make a tablet operating system. They just added a touch-friendly layer to Windows 7. Win 7 is already bloated, but with Metro on top of it and running on an ARM processor, that thing is clunky.
I'll stick with 7 thanks. It'll be another year probably till 8 is useable going by how microsoft usually releases half assed operating systems.
+Noah Whay I agree, although if they truly adopt the annual release cycle, it will probably be Win 9 or 10. What Microsoft does not yet realize is that the world is moving on without them.
My son and a best friend of mine both have Windows 8.  They hate it with a passion that can't be described in mere words.  Microsoft has, most assuredly, jumped the shark with this release.
Windows 8 is a great OS compared to 7. It is 7 with a new UI. For all the people who don't know the hotkey win+d brings up the desktop. You can live there, so 7 has no advantage over 8. The search, share, personalization, and socialization on 8 is much faster, consolidated, and convenient than on 7.
I haven't personally tried it, so I can't comment on Windows 8 being a case of 'jumping the shark' but its certainly a case of jumping the gun.

Many offices are still transitioning to windows 7 from xp.  Most offices on Windows 7 are only recently on Windows 7.  Exactly how many companies are actually going to deploy Windows 8 internally?

The way the development cycles are working, Windows 9 will be out before Windows 8 has had enough time to be seen as 'proven.'

I think Vista killed off most of Microsoft's early adopters in the business world- between that and the current development cycle, XP is likely to remain ubiquitous for a while yet, regardless of MS declaring it EOL in 2014.
Windows 8 is probably the best touch screen experience on a full-featured OS. Applications, however, have not yet caught up.
They may perfect their tablet experience with the next release - no one has gotten it right on first release to date.
I have to agree w/ Amir, Win8 is a pure copy of Win7 with the extra touch screen flexbility. Metro isn't ready for widespread desktop use.
The Start Screen, known in the pre-release as Metro, works well on desktops. It is not meant to replace the desktop. Each interface has its place, designed and used for different purposes. The Start Screen excels in personal computing, entertainment, and socializing. The Desktop is stronger for business and researching, currently. Apps like this diminish the need for the Desktop in businesses. Navigating in the Win 8 UI is quicker and more fluid than the Desktop interface. The usefulness of the the Charms bar and Recent apps bar make life within the Desktop interface better.
Windows 8 is great. Fluid and fast. It takes a little bit get used to but after that I can guarantee that it's quite enjoyable. Don't listen to +Almir L. He has probably bought a new imac or some apple shit and the thought that people are able to buy better products at half the price is disturbing him from within. You have bought a overpriced product which you can't even upgrade. 
Well I don't share the 'Win 8 is great' sentiment. That being said I do have 4 builds underway with '8'  ... I rather enjoy Linux though and have for many years, MSFT started getting twisted in the head and '8' shows it ... it is usable though once you get rid of the metro sexual crap and get to a good start menu and decent screen
+Rick Montgomery yup I guess you are right to some extent. Windows 8 would have been a great Os sans the metro interface. But Microsoft needs to think ahead and protect it's business interest in the face of intense competition from rivals. They would have been better off if they had offered windows 8 with choice. With or without metro interface. 
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