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I would tell them to go jump in a lake. 1+ billion?!? It is Apple's loss anyway imho. 
From a business perspective, I can understand this.  From a fanboi perspective, this makes me shed a tear. #Google  
who cares what the default search engine is
Apple obviously wont use Bing since it's Microsoft...
And it's not like there's many other choices...

The only other option they have is to develop one themselves, iSearch?
Apple Maps part 2!!
I'll like to see what they would do if Google tells them to jump in a lake,would they use bing?lol!
Shame on both of them. Apple should only be concerned about providing the best experience for their consumers, that means providing the best search engine. I would let them go with bing or something like that and you might just see another imaps outcry... 
People will select Google regardless so why pay Apple for that. So Apple can use that free money to then reverse and sue Google? 
Google more than likely doesn't care, but they must to keep market share with all the moms and dads that still use iphones.
If I were G, I would do it. There are just so many people who accept the default apps, and I would want those searches.
Wow. That's sad. That's business though 
Just another reason to buy an android phone. Seems like apple is intent on giving us more and more reasons.
But if Tim cook said that he was againts suing Samsung it is possible that he might not move away from google
Apple tried maps, failed miserably and reverted to suggesting google maps. Google does not need pay that much - i billion could mean lots of media ADs showing how to set google as default iphone search - lol
I agree with +Ben Schoon. Google should let them set whatever default they want, and then publish an article in a bunch of magazines and websites detailing how to set Google as your default browser.
Apple needs to stop being a baby and just leave Google on there. They know Google is the best search engine out there, give the customer what they want. Like with the whole maps switch, granted I don't mind Apple Maps and now use it as a standard map app but it still was irritating they forced people into using it. If you want people to use your stuff, make something better than what's out there. It's hard but that's the only right way to do it. That's how facebook got to be where they are and actually how Apple got to be where they are...they need to retain that philosophy.
When fanboys discuss something they know nothing about, we get this kind of comments (see above and below my comment).
Doubt it. Probably what will happen is Google will make the choice of seeing what could happen when iOS users don't have Google search. Just like with maps. Apple will fuck it up. IOS fanatics get angry with apple and switch to android.

Their I gave you the next half decade off apples demise and Googles rise. Unless apple brings out revolutionary... And lately they just haven't had that spark. No new ideas...

But their rich as and we know what happens when executive lose their money... they get creative.
Why? Google would only get searched for if it goes to bing or duck duck go
Save the money Google. It will become a repeat of Apple Maps.... Herr derr....
They're not removing Google as an option.  They're charging Google a fee to be the default choice.  This can be changed in just three clicks. If I wanted to use Bing or Yahoo! now, I could - but I prefer accurate results.  

Also, unless I'm missing something, this would only affect Safari.  The Google app and Chrome app will still use Google search.

Apple's not going to charge Google this amount if they weren't also charging Bing (or whoever) a similar amount.  This is a highest bidder thing.  There's no way they'd charge Google this money only to make some other Search Provider the default choice for free if Google doesn't pay.
Wow if the charge the
big g that much how much is the big g going to charge apple for thr the use of the map app ?
To think that they would consider Bing for no money at all makes me despair for humanity. Apple should be paying Google for their excellent services.
Apple should be paying Google for use of their search engine. Either way business is business what can you do?
+Jesse McClain so, Apple should be paying Google for use of their free search engine.  Does that mean we should each individually be charged for using it too?
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