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Apple has just released its iOS 6.1 update out into the wild for the iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches in your life.
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Uhh, really?  Buying movie tickets via Siri is a feature?
So fresh and new. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
And finally we can expect a nice jailbreak release by Evaiders team during the week !!!
*yawns... & this makes the products better how? 
In the android world a 0.1 increase is the difference between ICS and JB: huge :-D

Meanwhile in iOS.... :'( 
Seriously, all the comments are regarding android blah blah blah, you know day in day out all this "my phone is better than your phone" gets really tiring to Wade through... 
+Don Felipe it's not about a phone... or hardware.. perhaps not even about software...  it's about philosophy :))))
+Don Felipe For many, you need to read it more for what they mean behind it. For many replace iPhone/iOS with DRM/restrictions and replace Android with no-DRM/freedom
Does Apple own TechCrunch or did TechCrunch just invest heavily into Apple and now they are screwed?
love, love love my Iphone. I was so happy to destroy that samsung piece of crap!!
Raj D
Hmm I had 6.1 out of box for my ipad that i brought in dec'12..
+Don Felipe It means you need to read it more for what they mean behind it. As in, less of what they say exactly, and more for what they mean behind their words.
They probably released this so that they can force obsolete the 3GS by not allowing iOS 4.3 to access any apps. That's what they did to the 3G via the last big update.
I will let my grandmother know so she can update her iPhone.... 
Do so, and while she's at it have her review the talk I'm sure you all had about waste not, want not. I just hope she's not to disappointed in your current attitude.
+Flavio Zanda i believe jb has better support for otg. That in its own is worth a major update. For iphone users, otg allows you to connect pretty much any usb device to your phone. Like playing games with your xbox controller. 
I don't think my father care about this update...hope not...and I won't help him jailbreaking it again if he does
People are posting about Android in an iOS topic!!!???? If thats not trolling, I wonder what troll is
trolling is posting about apple on the website of the corporation that created android :) 
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