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What do you think? Will the BlackBerry Z10 fly or die?
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I don't no what is a blackberry? I love to eat black berries. I'm old and I don't no much about anything except my I pad and friends on the Internet. Thank you for asking. Maybe I can learn from you!!!? 
I am quite interested in a BB10 but the price and other phones coming soon I don't know...
I really hope it flies!!! People are becoming too similar with what they wear, the cars they drive, even their handsets :S A bit of differentiation and personality is soooo appreciated.
In my eyes, the phones (Z10 and Q10) will be enough to keep their existing user base, and might even be enough to draw over some of the people who want security (business and government users included). I feel the review did not at all take into account business aspects, only consumers. I have a Dev Alpha B, so I may be a bit partial, but it's an awesome operating system in my eyes, and I have never owned a BlackBerry before.
+Hady Haydamous similarity isn't really a bad an extent. Having multiple interfaces makes things very hard to use, people would be used to one interface and then use another...leads to confusion
if blackberry wants to succeed, they need incorporate features people are used to now and add their own little twist without turning potential consumers off, but yes a bit of difference and personality is what makes things special
I think the company will thrive thanks to the Z10. First, RIM had a pretty dedicated following. Don't underestimate that. The same thing kept Apple afloat through some pretty rough times. Second, there's a large segment of the market that is looking for a viable alternative to Google and Apple. Some of them are looking at Windows phone. But I think a lot of people still don't see Microsoft as a mobile competitor. And third, aside from making what appears to be a solid device, there is the promise that BlackBerry will run Android apps in the future.
I was a diehard blackberry fan but just couldn't wait any longer... Now I'm lovin my nexus 4 and android and will not be going back. Just a little too late.
+paul dhillon I have to agree with you just went from bold 9900 to nexus 4 and it will be a long time before I try another blackberry product.
the way i see it is how good the developpers support will be. its a closed system so it s gonna edge up fighting some market share with Apple and windows cos they are closed systems as well. 70000 apps is 70000 apps hope devs will want to develop for a 4th platform not to list the least...
Its a.nice phone, gr8.spec.... jst wish its more affordable & gr8 too perfomance-wise. Surely cn go places. Thumbs up BB 4 finally coming out.of d shadows of silly-overpriced-low spec phones
I don no, but....i don think so about this
Philip, wish/waiting for a new open source WebOs device. 
Neither. To fly you first have to learn how to walk and BB seems to have forgotten all about it. However they won't die. The phones are good enough to keep them afloat until the release the next big thing (if only)
It's been too long Stephen...I am just pointing out that palm tried to hold on for dear life with WebOS and we all know the fate of the two
It's all about marketing. Convince the masses that rich folks carry bb and poor folks use iphones, and you're off to the races.
Mo Pain
I don't understand. A cell phone is not affordable? You use it more than everything else except maybe your PC, but $200 is too much? This phone is a great piece of hardware. So you have to pay for apps? What's the big deal. Android is so socialist because everyone wants something for nothing. Silly concept. I have about 15 apps on my phone and use maybe 5 regularly. A lot of people should really consider working and focusing on more important things than putting around on their phones! Just my opinion though.
I m a die hard fan of blackberry from almost 10 years. Looking forward to Q10. Hope can quickly get my hands on it. 
I have the Z10. I really like it. I switched from a N4 and a iPhone 5. What I like most is the messaging and quality of phone speaker, reception. Apps are pretty bad, hopefully these will be ironed out in time for US launch. Also feels really good in hand. Surprisingly I get good battery life and camera is pretty good. Not as good as iPhone 5 but better than N4 and GS3. 
Will fly better than microsht
+Philip Figueroa well Palm officially don't exist,and WebOS is taking way too long to make a return :-/ Apple should have bought out Palm before HP did :-/
Just cause a phone has a lot of accessories doesn't make it a great phone. People forget phones are about comunication and blackberry is one of the best
Ausi B
Blackberry will be blackberry always the best for business
BlackBerry in my eyes it's not reliable when it comes to my needs. I wish the company well but applications will make or break them if developers don't jump on their Os. 
I currently use a Blackberry Torch for my work phone. 
I was hoping that the Z10 might be my next work phone.
I just can't see that happening. 
I played around with a demo Z10 twice last week in BestBuy in Millwoods South Common, Edmonton, AB. 
If they took the demo app off of it, it might be okay. 
The demo crap seemed to bog it down.
It seemed a bit slow switching from apps.
It was near impossible to get it to unlock.
BestBuy didn't have it hooked up to WiFi even, makes it kinda hard to test it out.
@ john mitchell do you think then that you couldn't really make a good assessment of how it works out for you? 
What a crappy review ...

I think bb will die
The fact bb10 can run Android gingerbread apps out of the box is a major plus. I understand there will be an update for bb10 which will enable it to run jellybean apps as well. 
+jezreel hutton I would say that I will have to try to test one out again with the Z10. 
I'm not totally ruling it out for work yet.
The phone itself was nice, I like the look and feel. It seems like sturdy hardware.

I live and work in an fairly isolated area, with areas of very poor cell service.

I'm curious about real world signal pick up and strength, and battery life, these are big deals for me.

There are a couple of us at work that have been holding out to see what the Z10 will be like. One an iphone user and myself an Android Nexus S user.

It is likely that I will soon run into someone with a Z10 that I can play with in the real world.
I'm expect to see one soon, like even this week.
If not I will be in Edmonton again in two weeks.

Our current wireless situation is...
I have a Nexus S, and a BB Torch, my wife has an iphone 4, daughters have iphone 5, and LG Android phone, plus ipads, and an android tablet for myself.
But I ordered a Nexus 4 for myself last Sunday and it shipped Monday morning.
Blackberry is coming to market with last year's hardware and with last year's software. This year, Blackberry's competitors will all have quad-core CPUs, 4G LTE, Full HD screens, 5.1 surround sound, Ultra HD 13MP cameras, wireless charging, wireless TV video mirroring, NFC, peer-to-peer WiFi, etc. On the software front iOS 7 and Android 5 will be coming out Summer. The hardware and software will be rivaling the power of current game consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3). The ecosystems of both Android and iOS are continuing to grow.

They will likely get Blackberry loyal who have not made it to Android or iOS. They may get users who were underwhelmed with Windows Phone 7, but they will not get much Android or iOS users to convert. They will however get many corporate users who will force it on their employees for security reasons. But the military has hardened versions of Android and there are enterprise security solutions on Android and iOS, so I think enterprise customers will be less than what Blackberry estimates. I do think the Z10 and Q10 will sell well but only because of so much pent up demand with existing Blackberry users.

We will be able to tell if they can still compete by December when all the players will have put out their best and we go into the Christmas season. If they don't make significant sales then they are going to lose investor confidence even more than they already have.

The true measure is how sales hold up in 2015 when those users renew their contracts (at
least in the U.S.). If they choose Blackberry again that would say something.

I am not that hopeful though because during those two years Google will really be pointing all their spears in one focused direction that even Apple will have some difficulty.
Not a hater, but I think BB10 and the Z10's hardware is not competitive enough. Therefore it will DIE! The OS lacks the completeness of Android and the ecosystem of iOS. The hardware is very mediocre and doesn't stand out in a sea of black slabs. From afar, people might not even recognize it as a BB phone. 
Sounds excellent. I bought one for every member of my family (well, actually, two for my grandfather as he's ambidextrous) and have ordered one for each of the people in my street.
well,it may be able to keep itself afloat but certainly it will not be a match to android, or ios and even windows, lack of apps makes it a flashy super expensive fully featured phone note: not smart phone Unless it takes to android there arent chances it will make any difference...
Go to hell with your stingy application!
IPhone for one is all marketing. People believe the hype, I don't! BlackBerry is back and i was a doubter too. I tried the BB10 and I was impressed. I currently use the S3 and honestly I wish I would have just waited. What all you sellouts seem to forget is BB created the smartphone. Also security is amazing. Great comeback story BlackBerry
+Dennis Henry Doesn't matter who created what. They were unable to adopt and compete. And in all fairness to the S3, it was a 2012 phone.  The "wow factor" is no longer there. When the S4 comes out, Z10 will be long forgotten and will be erased in the face of the earth. It's sad but true. 
+Ernest Marvin Esteban Mobile World Congress is Feb 25 to 28 where many phones will be announced. I predict many phones will blow away the Z10 maybe before it even hits the US market.

A big part of Blackberry's problem is going to be whether they can even get the supply chains to commit to building their stuff. This is one of the things that Apple and Samsung do so well. They have the marketing and capital to commit to massive production capacity and back it up with marketing dollars to create the demand.

I would not be surprised to see Blackberry stocking out due to supply problems.
Android = Google
iOS = Apple
Windows = Microsoft
BB10 = R.I.P (Research In Perish)
I went in and tried out the Z10 this past weekend, and the prob is, my current phone does everything that one does, perhaps except the time shift cam, which is more a gimmick than something I would use. I was a hardcore BB defender, and still have a playbook. In my opinion, if you want apps made to run on android, get an android! The apps seem to lose something in the conversion.
And for those who celebrate the keyboard, I wonder if they realize that with android, if you don't like your keyboard, you can find and use a different one. I'm thinking with BB, you'll be stuck with what they give you.
But if BB really wants to stay relevant, I keep saying they need to cross platform BBM! Everyday they delay this, competitor apps are getting better, come to think of it, it may be too late to draw people back to this wonderful messenger. Get people using the software, and they will be drawn to the hardware made to optimize that software. 
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