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"The device is meant to be upscale, Google admits, but for a machine aiming at power users, it’s a device surprisingly devoid of power features."

What are your thoughts on Google's new Chromebook Pixel?
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Well put +TechCrunch. $$$$$ for what? A 32GB disk... I think not. But google has enough fanboys that I'm sure it will still sell out. 
Way too expensive for a high-res display but only average specs on the rest of it.
I'd love a free one. Or a cheap one but this is crazy $$$
I laugh because that's exactly what people were saying when the Nexus 4 was announced. No LTE, no removable battery, etc so they were not going to buy it. But when it came out, it was hard to get hold of one....

So I expect it to be the same with the pixel. There are a lot of people in Silicon Valley, New York and other places who can afford it
+TechCrunch Just to be straight.. I do agree it is bit pricey but what annoys me is the way you guys "review".

It usually follows pattern :
If Apple -> has to be great regardless of price
   Review heavily biased toward Apple 

The whole idea of chrome os is to be in cloud that is why local storage does not matter as much.
that being said it is OS that is based on cloud and without it it is useless.

It might be ahead of time in terms of cloud dependency but it is great product and as time goes by it will become more and more powerful player.

just wait and see.
Well it's actually cheaper to buy the pixel then buying 3 years of 1tb online google drive storage ($1800), so for anyone that uses such amounts of google drive than this is an obvious buy.
+Gundja Majstor one comment on the 'apple' favored reviews: young high tech guys have no problems using windows stuff, but the rest of the world can pick up an apple product and start using it without knowing anything.  even my elderly aunts can use apple stuff, but they can't even download a pic off their email in windows (and find it once it's downloaded).    i think that's part of the lure of apple.  and i'm in audio (lots of major credits) and the 3 main major audio recording softwares all honestly run with fewer problems on apple software and hardware. so if you don't need apple, don't buy apple.  it's all good.
I love Google products for the most part, but, this is ridiculous and i am a power user.

But, at the same time I like my 'high-end' device to be able to do things such as photo editing/HDR, dvd/blue-ray rips & burns, light gaming, etc. and many of these items are just not web-enabled.

When the title said expensive, I was expecting $600 range, not 2x that.
The idea of this laptop it to show developers what chrome OS could become. Making it possible to switch completely from Windows or Mac. I don't really think it's for the average user yet. What would really help is if stream or play on made a web app for chrome os
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