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What do you think of Bing's new design? Do you like it more than.. Google?
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yea, google pissed me off with the searches from G+ BS. i have to use another browsers to keep the results coherent.
Just tested the results on Google and Bing for something that randomly popped into my mind: "Konami Code".

Both gave me the relevant wikipedia article as first hit, so far so good.
Second and third hits on Google were a list of Games known to react to the code, and a page dedicated to collecting Konami Code easter eggs on the web. Good, relevant results.
Bing returned, as second hit, someone's facebook profile ( thanks), and as third hit, and I kid you not, someones MySpace profile (seriously, WTF?)

Google wins this, admittedly non representative, test hands down.
But the Bing SERPS are still awful so who cares? Prefer their maps though.
despite my G+ issue, i stil wont use bing.
What is Bing? Never heard of 'em...
Do they also scrub and sanitize the search results? :-) Haven't used Bing, won't use Bing.
More negative spin on Google and a huge advert to push people to Bing...
No. And why do you guys write as if everyone hates search plus your world (described as "disastrous" in this article)? What you mean is that you guys hate it. This is one occasion where the article really didn't need to be an opinion piece, but you couldn't help yourselves.
The side bar on the left in Google Search is not clutter, that is BS, myself and many people I know use it to filter results, its extremely useful.
I use the left column of google extensively myself and would hardly class it as clutter
I could not live without being able to filter Google results by the date the published. Most of my searches produce posts 2 and 3 years old. I absolutely would be lost without being able to filter technical articles by the latest published. +Amro Al Jaberi and +Ash Goodman you are both right.
holy crap! I just noticed
Seriously, in my job I need to be able to filter results by date and location. Google works. Bing has a long way to go.
I constantly filter results based on time and under 24 hours is something I depend immensely on Google.
Doesn't really matter how it looks if the results still suck.
I use Bing everyday, especially since I can get Amazon gift cards and other goodies with the rewards program. Can't get that with Google. :)
Im forced to use bing on my Windows Phone, but I haven't had a problem with it. When I compare search desktop results from Google and Bing, I find Google much more accurate.
+Pedro Camacho Most people don't need Google to buy them into using any of their services, it's enough that they're free and work fine. If the only enticements Bing has hanging over you are rewards and goodies, then it must suck as hell.
+Baker Kawesa Still, I want to know how to get a free Amazon gift card by using Bing.
+Norman Ma, check out the Bing Rewards Program. +Baker Kawesa, Bing is a good alternative to the monopoly on search that is Google. I use Google search as my alternate search engine. I like rooting for the little guy, so bite me.
doesn't look all that different to me. I find the left panel rather useful.
-1 for bing... It still sucks
looks identical to google, with with that little bar at the top
Never used Bing... Still don't see why I should.
haha, this is like a is now "simple search"
Wasn't there a rumor about M$ trying to sell Bing to another company?.... Even M$ know Bing sucks
Who let the trolls out... who who who.... Who let the trolls out? :)
Microsoft hate is so early 90's... grow up people. Apple, Facebook and Google hate is the new "chic".
Defending M$ and being a M$ fanboy is so early 80s...get up to date and move on already.
Where is the -1 button? I just loaded both Bing and Google just to check. Bing is no where near minimalistic. You load a big image in the search page and call it minimalistic? And the grey background looks so dull.
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?
+Daniel Roca... In order to be a Microsoft Fanboy, that means I would have to be trapped in their ecosystem. in my home, we have two MacBooks, a few iPods, two Android phones, two Kindle Fire, and two Sony VAIOs. I am far from a fanboy, but I understand if you don't like Microsoft.
bing is the most awful search engine alongside yahoo . google rules despite of the g+ issue
Looks like MS copied and pasted the CSS directly from the google search results page :)
No, and if you don't like Google Search as it is now, you can always try one of the GOOD alternatives, namely #DuckDuckGo . Great open/free and it respects your privacy.
Google has transcdended mere brand identification...when people say they're going to search something, they say they're going to "Google" something...I don't hear people saying they're going to "Bing" something...
The last time I heard of anyone going to the "Bing" it was on the Sopranos and it little to do with research +Doug Smith LOL
I just tried the following searches and they produced ZERO RESULTS. It boggles my mind why anyone would use Bing for anything.

"NYC to LAS" - On Google brings up a nice comparison of flight prices. ZERO RESULTS on Bing
"pizza in boston, ma" - On Google brings up nice map and ratings of pizza places. ZERO RESULTS on Bing

These are some pretty basic queries and I honestly was not trying to "fool" bing, they are just ones that popped into my head.
+Jason Keirstead :

>>It boggles my mind why anyone would use Bing for anything.

People would use it because 'Bing makes Google look like search overload according to TechCunch'. You don't get it. The flight table and maps in Google results make Google look cluttered. Look how neat Bing result looks for the same query.
Who cares the fuck if its pretty. It doesn't deliver the bread we eat. Results that are important to you are what we eat. I don't give a rats ass about less cluttered if it does not show what I need. Who gives a flying fuck.
I don´t like Bing
Why Bing is TOO slow compared with Google ???.
hahaha oh Techcrunch you´ll never learn
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