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Is the OUYA the future of console gaming? 
OUYA, the Android-based affordable gaming console that inspired a wide range of reaction from tech watchers and gamers alike when it debuted on Kickstarter back in July 2012, today reached an importan...
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Its such a scam. Kick starters greatest scam. They just took an android phone, made it not mobile, and fooled all the console kiddies into thinking it will play crysis and cod and first party games
Hardly Matthew! You clearly don't know much about it. I'm pretty sure the people buying one, myself included, know it won't play stuff like Crysis or COD. 
+Matthew Horwath  i think it's a great starting point making it also run  #xbmc  and #plex it won't be a waste. For 99$  + 20$ shipping i pick up one just for XBMC and a bit gaming .... i don't see where the scam is?

Over time a v2 and better phone hardware...
I think the OUYA approach may be the future, but I doubt that it will be a blockbuster success itself.
I wonder if I could load the OUYA OS on a Raspberry Pi.
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