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So, Google+ users, what do you think Facebook means by this photo? -
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They're nice to start with, become a little sickly then soon become a memory?
It'll be gone before you know it. :)
Cakes tend to stink after a couple of days.
Facebook is delicious, but it will make you fat?
They promise you a delicious experience with plenty of frosting but really everything's a lie?
Facebook is really bad for diabetics?
It's too saccharine for my tastes and makes people fat and lazy.
If you want a bigger piece than that you've got to pay for it. 
Just by tasting a small slice, you could taste it all; all the same.
Fattening and superfluous?
Too much fb causes obesity. 
Too much and you feel sick.
If you use enough frosting, any old crap looks good.
... when just one piece is taken it probably doesn't taste good? :)
The cake is tiresome after a while. 
Facebook can't hold a candle to the awesomeness of Google+.
It's delicious. But it isn't good for your health if you consume it too much.
Both make my butt bigger. 
Facebook must rot your teeth and make you fat. ;)
- Every one likes cakes as well as Facebook
- Its really hard to leave cake as well as Facebook
- Soon it will be eaten
Everybody likes cake. But when the party ends you'll struggle to even give it away.
... everyone gets a piece, then they leave
to much sweet, can make you SICK !
Not worth the price people charge for a piece?
Alright on special occasions but not something you would want to have/use frequently.
They are popular among Diabetics.
must not be very good cakes. A better comparison would be re-gifted fruitcakes that no one ever wants. 
M Rod
Anyone who wants a piece just takes it.... Sounds like a whore
sweet and  yummy at first bite.
a little  taste  for the second bite.
abit much for the third.
stale and dried out it the last bite,
Dee Mac
That cake's made of ex-lax.
They are both better without adverts and sponsored messages?
Joyce: What about, too much of it will make you puke?
sometimes they look better than they taste
They are good for a while and then you dont want it anymore...
It means, it's never going away. At least for now. 
Could it mean they both get stale after a bit?
They're full of ads for stupid stuff your friends have forgotten they "Liked" three years ago?
Possibly delicious but looks amateurish and unappealing?
I just use them for my birthday...once a year?!
Lag!!!!!!!!!!!!!but i dont think so bcos on facebook we eat nthng..............
May be they meant that when you start eating it you can't stop wanting more...addiction ! OR you want to share it with people you "like"...
Seems like they're still making fun of that chair video, piece of junk they made...!
The Cake is a Lie.. so....
I don't like cake, but sadly my friends do.
you hide a file in it, and give it to your mate who's doing time inside.
Full of unhealthy crap...
Taking a bad joke too far?
Use/eat it and definately there will be some s*it involved later ;-)
jdi laper deh..bgi dong
Don't eat a thing, put it in fridge, eat it later when it's all "smushy". Regret it all.
Cakes are nothing like Facebook. A cake doesn't shat all over my privacy. 
Why is it that I am directed to Facebook when clicking the link. I thought this was a tech crunch article..
Super delicious but it will taste awful if you taste many.? :D
Too much cake makes u sick after awhile 
You need to have it with people you know but not always people you're interested to be with.
Fun to look at, fun to eat, but once inside, its really no treat.
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