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Internal videos show Microsoft released its Kin phones knowing they sucked -
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Their phones sucked? Wouldn't that make them "average" for the market?
But... the WP8 phones... ROCK!  Just got my new Nokia Lumia 822 ... Love It!
My dad currently uses a Kin2
This is while ill never buy a Microsoft phone or tablet..garbage
Its hard to trust any newly released MS product.  Even the much-loved Windows XP needed three service packs before it was truly stable.  And how many times have they screwed over users and developers by launching a new desktop or mobile API leaving all previously written code unusable?  Forms anyone?
Thats it for me, unfollowing this bunch of apple lovers...
+Kevin M the Lumia looks like some great hardware.  I have a suspicion it would rock even more with a different OS, but I do intend to try one out.
Microsoft need to earn some profit form somewhere.. I think now this is the only way they got now...
I think we all know the Kin Phones were a complete flop, but c'mon, the new Windows Phone 8's aren't really all that bad. I'm a Phandroid through-and-through, but I would take a Windows Phone over a piece of iCrap any day. :-)
nnm rht
Still, the square one has an innovative design. At least they tried. 
If you don't dare to make mistakes, you will never succeed.
I remember these terrible things and how they were being pushed hella hard in Pretty Little Liars, when it first premiered. 
beny xu
This the time when blackberry is the smartphone 
kt mac
Wasn't MS reaching for teens who only wanted to text & talk & do social? They had a surprise though because the rise of real smart phones came during that same time. Not such a bad idea, just bad timing. 
+Chris Bateman +Michael Babcock  ... I had a WP7 and it was good.  I now have the Nokia 822 WP8 and I LOVE It!  My coworker has had iphones, multiple android, last was a Galaxy note... he just switched to a Nokia Lumia 920 from AT&T... he loves it!
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