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Something someday will kill Facebook, but we’re not there yet -
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Am I only one who is experiencing issues with photo upload dates on newly uploaded photos? 
I'm amazed at how articles like this are written these days without even checking the facts first. FB didn't really took off until it reached his third or fourth year. G+ is a little more than 1 year old and it's considered dead and that it never took off?
Also, does the writer of this article realized that +TechCrunch has 300,000 more followers here than on FB? I guess not. People tend to write random articles these days I guess.
"They’ve already seen off the most immediate threat, that of a direct assault by their most dangerous competitor. I refer of course to Google+. Which isn’t dead, but could hardly be described as thriving. Knee-jerk Google defenders tend to say things like “Google+ can’t possibly fail, it’s just a social layer on top of Google,” which may be true but it’s also nonsense. G+ was clearly intended as a social network that would supersede Facebook as the place where most people go to share their lives and thoughts with friends and followers, and it failed at that."

Can't really argue with that last sentence.
I'm tired of writers like this guy. So you expect Google+ to become an instant hit and completely kill Facebook in 1-2 years? Be realistic and shut up
One point he makes though is that G+ with all of it's backing, is not on the same trajectory that Instagram was and isn't a huge threat to Facebook. I really like G+, but I'm inclined to agree.
Actually we could argue that last sentence but you probably wouldn't want to do it on G+.

fb is a valuable tool I guess but I never expect to get news from fb other than a "friend" posting it. I get my news straight from the source on G+. And a year is hardly enough time for anything to "take down" fb. And why would you need to? We've become so obsessed with this all or nothing one or none mentality and its destructive. If G+ never "takes over" fb so what, it is still a great alternative.

Also, having everything in one place scares some people so they don't want to use Google for that reason.
G+ would be amazing if more people I cared about actually used it. Therein lies the problem. Facebook has a death grip on them, and it's too bad. Nothing we haven't heard before, but let's just be honest with ourselves. It's not the social scene Google had hoped for, this is why so many are arguing that it's something else entirely -- because it has to be.
Facebook will kill Facebook - they're their own worst enemy.
.. and you are 100% right +Rob Campbell, I knew this wouldn't be popular to say on G+. I like it as much as the next guy. I just wish the adoption rate would have turned out differently.
I agree with some of the statements. Although I must say that G+ is really picking up, just not all over the world. Fortunately G+ is zero rated in South Africa meaning it is a 100% free social network. If I'm not mistaken we are not the only ones who have it zero rated. They probably trying it out here where data wouldn't be so intense. I guess you could say we ate the ginny pigs. Haha. It's really picking up here and Ian serious competition which is a paid service her. Another major benefactor is that data is very expensive in South Africa. At R2 a mb. So it relates to a basically if u upload its a about R8 if I upload 20 pictures it's about R160 which relates to about $15. Not very cost effective. 
G+ is radically different from Facebook, at least in regards to how I use each. I don't see much overlap at all in fact and don't really want any. Twitter on the other hand is mostly dead to me since G+ came along.
Wow my above post has some serious typos sorry. :) Playing poker and trying to reply on Google+. Haha
Facebook can't be defeated by a competitor on same space but something new (like when we discovered social networks) will actually bust the bubble. It's just like boom of Yahoo, Hotmail etc. when mail was a big thing, companies were competing on features and available inbox size (I still remember the 10MB inbox).
I'm a die hard FB user, there's always pros and cons when it comes to this kinda thing. It is just a matter of individual taste. Got nothing to do with 'teenagers' posting too many pics or post and made it look like kid's place. G+ will look like that too if i for instance or everyone is doing the same thing there, here.
Facebook has reached its peak and is on a decline. I mean they barely added a share button to there horrible app two days ago like it was something's new. lol Friends of mine only use fb because A. There family uses it or B.they know no better and are lagers. :)
But what matters is how many people using it. If there's still many...then fb will still run - nothing last forever though - but there just things will last longer than anything else.
+Charles Buble I guess you don't remember what happened to MySpace, Friendster, & AOL. They all got killed off fast and no one saw it coming. Don't think it won't happen to FB.
Once everyone switches over to Google+, will all be good.
Well said Abe Abrahamian. Wish I knew how to direct this reply to you but alas I am still a relative G+ noob.
Ask some teenagers -- Tumblr is very cool, Twitter is still cool, Facebook is lame.  They've never heard of G+.
Google+ is the future. goodbye Facebook
I'm Brazilian but I am fan of the San Antonio Spurs .. Nice to meet you.
I'm a Spurs fan since David Robinson.
Love with Google+ because he can interact with people from all over the world.

   Facebook blocks this possibility.
Believe. I was very glad to meet someone from San Antonio.
I have 3 children. Two like Dallas Maverick. One likes the Spurs. He will be jealous to know that I have a friend from San Antonio.
Why should it die? Since when it has become a "bad" thing?
Nothing lasts forever, why speculate it?
+Eric Newcomer I like the fact that most of my friends aren't on Google+. I can only handle so much of the baby pictures and fake likes. I come to Google+ to engage in intellectual conversations on topics that I find interesting. The service isn't even two years old and it has no way to go but up from here. If Google pumped out some advertisements on the mainstream cable networks we would see an increase in users for all of the Google products. I'm always amazed at how little people know about all of the awesome things Google is doing. I don't see Google going that route though. 
Facebook started out in college.

It unfortunately never really graduated from college in terms of the content and sharing that goes on the network. Its great on the one hand, but I need more in my life than that.

Enter G+.

Quality content on my news feed. Not as many posts from friends but that might be a good thing as it gives variety and a distinct G+ experience. My content rather than someone else's. Content that focuses on my interests rather than what friends are eating, hearing, liking etc.

And If I have a great story i want to share with people I know, G+ has great sharing options for that too.

G+ should never try to become another FB. Its got a nice niche - agreed that's by default rather than design. Its a great place to get your news feed across various interests and have a social layer on that kind of meaningful content.

FB is great too, but for a different experience.

The two have actually turned out less similar over time and i think its a good thing for those who like both these experiences to be available separately.
If Google could have all of Facebook's users using G+ you can bet they would be happy to have them.

The way people use Facebook is more a product of how people are than how Facebook is designed. If G+ really takes off it won't be all that different from Facebook in the end. That said, if you think Google doesn't want that, then you are kidding yourself. 
google+ and facebook are nothing alike and I dont think were intended to be alike. I think this guy is missing the point. 
Google didnt set out to copy facebook. 
they set out to re-think and re-imagine a new and different form of social networking.
I for one like it. I get on here to view all the cool stuff in the world that interests me vs. all the stupid dramatic bullshit and baby pictures my friends endlessly post on facebook. 
if you check out the youtube videos about google+, they even point out its completely rethought and meant to be different. 
I also agree with the guy above about the all or nothing principle. Its a big world and plenty of room for competitors and differences. this whole take over or its a failure philosophy is blatant B.S. 
Whatever happened to just being happy with success? moderate comfortable success. 
The driver for Facebook's success is vanity. People get to project an image of their lives for others to covet. A "greatest hits" of our lives so to speak. These users aren't leaving Facebook for G+, and things are nice over here because of it. But Google most certainly wants those users. And yes, things will change around here if they do eventually get them. 
Hey +Eric Newcomer , the end game for social networks seems to be about getting data on its users and monetizing it directly or indirectly.

If Google can get to know a bunch of things about us by understanding what we follow, what we +1, what we share and reshare, where we check in (g+ local) etc... I think that would fulfill the end objective for maintaining and bumping up the value of ads on Google and therefore maintaining an excellent suite of free services for users.

If that objective can be met without G+ becoming a clone of FB (in terms of culture) I would personally be happy as it works great for me to have a casual FB account for catching up with friends, and a more serious G+ account where I get intellectual satisfaction. I would hate for G+ to be another FB!

I see lot of my friends increasingly available on the network and its not the ghost town that it was this time last year.

Here's the good part. Even as friends are coming slowly but surely to G+, they are behaving differently on this network. The simple reason, apart from the fact that all their friends may not be here, is that they're already doing a certain type of activity on FB don't want to duplicate it on G+. Thanfully.

I agree Google wants all those users. I just hope they behave differently when they all land up - helped in some way by the sharing architecture setup by Google.
I do agreed of the cons about Facebook but its only a tiny spot seeing on an island. A majority of Facebook user dares to notice it. I disagreed with the assumption that Facebook is just a social networking and is not technology know- how.
Maybe something like For writers only . Or for entrepreneurs Or for charities
Well varieties is better than single dish why not give a try on Facebook.
Thank you.
If you don't like it don't spit it all. Chew some. Facebook has updated
the site. As I know non-active user will automatically eliminated. Thank
Just like the Android vs Apple, Import vs Domestic ect ect, choose what works for you, leave it at that. Let the corporates battle it out. 
Thing happened the way it was because nobody wanted the second best.

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