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New glasses thwart facial recognition scanners, marking trend in privacy wearables. Would you wear these? -
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Sean K
i would if I still go disco dancing...
yes I would, am sure there are people whose names I can no more remember so these  glasses re' a good deal
I am able to thwart all existing FR tech by making certain faces 
If the aim of the glasses is to avoid facial recognition scanners, then expect at sometime to be confronted by a large security guard demanding you take them off.
The ultimate irony would be to combine this with Google Glass.
And really dark sunglasses don't do the same thing?
I do enjoy how the articel ended: 
"With any luck, paranoid users and lifebloggers will spark a privacy/life-capturing arms race of ever-clunkier wearables. Because, honestly, we don’t have enough to think about already."
Happy enough with a paper bag over my head, thanks.
So a strip search for +Leto Jaxa then? I wonder if it will involve a full anal probe due to the attempt to avoid identification!
If you need to fool facial recognition, you probably shouldn't stand out so much to actual eyes.

Let me know when I can fool facial recognition into believing I am someone else! 
They also thwart those pesky girls that might want to go out with you. 
and they say that 'form follows function'...
It seems cool when you see this but imagine us walking around on the street at night. Everyday would look like a rave :P
Seems like a sure fire way to attract extra attention from authorities, thus negating some of their purpose. The software may not recognize you but the cameras will sure as hell focus on someone wearing these.
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