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This round of financing, which brings the total raised by Evernote to $251 million, bring two new investors.

Do you use Evernote?
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I can't figure out what I need it for.
Switching to +Springpad. I used +Evernote mostly for recipes and Springpad handles them much better. I thought about writing an application to parse recipes into a standard format and store them in Evernote, but Springpad already does 90% of what I wanted, so why re-invent the wheel?  If Evernote gets Springpad-style "Smart Notebooks", I'll switch back.
I love +Evernote. Used it side-by-side with Springpad for a while, but came around to EN. Works great for GTD. 
I can not imagine my life without +Evernote , its probably my #1 utility tool. And the new iOS interface is GORGEOUS!!
Are the paid accounts generating enough revenue to satisfy the investors? Can we expect a future push to sign up for a paid account through a loss of features in the free version?
+Mark Palmberg I now keep research, presentations, brainstorms, expenses, case studies, travel all in one place with tags so I can find them when I need where I need. I keep almost nothing on my computer anymore. Having it in cloud too convenient. 
Use evernote to keep all my passwords.
Glen, use Lastpass, I use both, but Evernote isn't paranoid enough for that. 
I use Evernote for EVERYTHING I might want to look at again. Receipts, user manuals, shopping lists, shared documents, the pot I bought so I can look up the others in the set, health insurance cards, you name it.
Their conversation rate to paid just keeps rising with time, after a few years, something like 8% of the people are paid users. Listen to their podcast. 
I tried using Evernote but there is no point when Google is all I need. 
They deserve it - awesome software - interested to see how they use the money
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