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“If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land.”
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"The only one other than myself" Who would stand up...Can't say I agreed with all the positions he supported...Government, End the Fed, 
Individual Liberties, Civil rights,Voters rights, End the wars, Hell Yea...!!!
"Texas Truly is "The "Lone star" state losing it's brightness...!!!
Love how his son is making Harry Reid and Mitch McConnel's lives more grumpy though!!  Go RAND!!
May his wisdom continue to enlighten for years to come.  What if?
Love you +TechCrunch , but doing a little more digging on what the data act really contained really shed some "sunlight" (love subject matter jokes) on how ridiculous it is, and how naming it "data act" is not supposed to be ironic. Let me take a deep breath, because i actually took about 20 minutes to read the actual bill...

I came across paragraphs that basically just redefine words so that, for example, a "meeting" that you would have to show a receipt for can be rephrased as "conference" and be government scrutiny free! Pretty freaking stupid.

It creates a completely new committee of 5 politically appointed (chairman gets big bucks to do shit he should already be doing) people, with only 3 to be from one basically the 3 people of one party will have all control while the other 2 end up serving no purpose. And only one gets in a im curious as to how it would even operate until at least 5 years away.

Also, it transfers full control of to this new commission and suddenly, a majority of 3-2 can redefine what "spending" is. If they want to list you, it seems there are ways to get around that if you have enough money. Also, all this data farming gets privatized, leaving all private info on the forms submitted by businesses (yep...more regulations and forms for businesses) in the hands of companies that may not have adequate internet security.

So, this commission can decide to show transparency on those receiving government subsidies but completely ignore those getting any tax breaks, so all decreases in government revenue through tax cuts wont count as spending, therefore wont be listed on this new "transparent" system.

Its all bs. If they only cared about improving interagency communications, they'd just do it and wouldn't need to create a new executive branch committee that pays wages, farms out services, and ends up being able to use such information for political reasons to drum up political fervor against private institutions that may jive with their ideology.

Goodbye Ron Paul. I admire the effort you made on the behalf of commonsense. God Bless You!
Thanks but no thanks. These "hacktivists" are not elected or even appointed by the citizens of the cities they mess with. People's data entrusted to elected and appointed authorities are casually given over to them by clueless or infatuated officials who climb on the Tim O'Reilly bandwagon. That's not democracy -- that is the authoritarianism that we should avoid on the Internet. The Internet is not a magic space that automatically confers freedom; geeks are not automatic defenders of our civil rights but have as much chance or worse of violating them like "big government". I'm glad to see Ron Paul depart from the scene.
I am not a supporter of the monetary system due to the corruption it produces but as long as we have one Ron Paul was America's only chance of avoiding the collapse that is coming. 
Americans need to realize that they have a cancer growing inside their country. Those who feel they have something coming from their government or from the people around them and do not contribute are a cancer and should be cut out. If cancer is allowed to grow unchecked, it will eventually destroy the host. 
He was going to ignore other country's. Does anyone understand what that means. He was going to shut the rest of t world away when we were not even able to support turning down trade which means pretty much anything you own would triple in price in one day. Does anyone think that's a little crazy?.
Dr. Paul would be the first to say you negotiate and trade to build friendship among nations.
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