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Very amazing. I live in a small town, I've been evangelizing Square for months and months, even two days ago. I believe that Local salon will love this!
Erich W
why doesn't google get into this with google wallet
While this could change the game for many small businesses, I question how Square is going to inform them of the opportunity, help educate the owners on getting past their previous sunk costs while at the same time moving the luddite generation of business owners to a better way of doing transactions.  

This may be a service that is available but difficult to get old businesses to adopt.  If they focus on new business start-ups adopting this program, they will have success but it will not be the game changer it should be. 
+Wilson Hines For no reason other than my own personal beliefs I don't think NFC will make a large impact until it is adopted by all the National chains and gas stations out there.  Even then you have to get people to trust that their phone can be a reliable debit card for them.  

I think a generation gap exists, the younger consumers who don't care about privacy and security will adopt NFC, but the middle age + group will not.  Thus NFC has an issue in widespread adoption if the infrastructure investment from national chains cannot meet a return from enough consumers adopting the technology. 
It's a MASSIVE game changer. Enabling millions of SMBs to monetize easily, with an app and a free piece of hardware? Silly good.
I've only seen Square used once, at a food truck where about 30 food trucks were gathered. That was like a year and a half ago.
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Those close minded banks and business models are the main barrier for this to be implemented. Guess will have to stick with the traditional methods for at least another 5 years.
+Phil Nolan  Wow.  I've seen it all over the place in Maryland.  Good to know.
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