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Nope. Yahoo! Answers are way better and funnier. We need trolls in this world or else it'll stink like Quora with 'professionalism' 
No, I dislike it. However, the article tried to make a point that in comparison, Twitter is about "conversation".

That's when I stopped reading.
They have become ridiculous these days. Asking for a compulsory facebook login or email registration to read their articles. WTF, I will better Google the info I am searching for instead of spending 30 minutes registering in their site.
I downloaded it. Couldn't figure out what to do with it. Finally got around to uninstalling it yesterday.
I've wrestled with the same question myself Jon. I think it comes down to the tone/stated purpose of the platform. I love +Quora but at times find myself filtering my 2cents if I'm not 100% confident about my answer. Other platforms lend themselves better to opinions and dialog about one's interests as oppose to thought leaders sharing their knowledge which is what I think Quora has become.

That said, I do think the platform has tremendous value. In my opinion it create a much needed middle group between the formalized exchange of knowledge and the free for all often associated with the rest of the social web. I'm routing for them. :)
Quora is amazing (although I agree checking it hourly like Facebook and Twitter is unnecessary), but it hasn't gone mainstream precisely because it would lose its value. Its strength right now is the quality of the interactions. This level of quality would undoubtedly decrease as its audience grows. 
The forced facebook tie in, the hidden parts of the site unless you log in.. it all comes off as a little evil.
Yes! I think Quora is awesome! And can even get lost in it. Even though I barely ask or answer questions. I have it set as an "app tab" in my browser and have the app on my phone.
(I think it was over-hyped back when it launched esp. by +TechCrunch and that's where this perceived disappointment comes from)
No I don't. Requiring an account before you can search or view things is dumb. I can just Google a question and get into quora through the "back door" if needed. 
I didn't like it at all. 
no. it has no greater authority than W or G.
Using Quora is like admitting you can't figure out how to google things.
it is meant to be "interaction" -- but seems too remote, and overly ruled -- like interacting in someone else's memories of school.

a stiff dinner party; people brought together because of a storm outside, not because of authentic interest.
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