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Apple may start selling unlocked iPhones as early as tonight via its online store...
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Been trying to get the wife an iPhone 5 for a month and every AT&T store in our area was always out of stock. And now they have enough supply to sell unlocked? Awesome. Good thing I got tired of waiting and talked here into a Note II.
If only it were competitively priced as the Nexus 4. 
+Samer Farag I have the S3 also. It's been a little bit of a learning curve from the iPhone I've had for the last few years, but it's great. The Note II is fast, and that screen is large and in charge. Little too big for me as a daily driver but it was really nice to use for the 10 minutes I was allowed to try it before she went out of town HAHA. 
Who really cares about them selling the phones unlocked when you can unlock them for free in like 15 minutes anyway
Wow! I don't believe it. I called and pleaded with them to release it.
I will say that after using the Note II for a few minutes, then going back to my S3, it felt like I was back on the tiny iPhone. 
a coworker walked into the Apple store at launch time and bought one for his son to use on the TMO network, he just paid full price and they must have just unlocked it for him

+Emery Miller how does one do that?
They've need doing that in Canada since the launch of the iPhone 4
+Alexander Lunn wonder if that's due to the laws in canada that they have to sell unlocked as well
Learning from the competition. Can't wait for my N4 to arrive in 2-3 weeks!!!!
$650 - $850 for a phone... ouch. I'm happy here with my $299 Nexus 4 and my wallet is quite a bit fatter.
+Emery Miller Unlocked and Jailbroken are different things.  If you buy a 'locked' iPhone, you have to jailbreak it before you can unlock it....and if you accidentally update it, it is no longer unlocked.  If you buy it factory unlocked, it is always do not have to jailbreak it and if you DO, updating to factory will not destroy the unlock.  +Duan Dao there are two ways to unlock. The official way would be to enter in a code (or never enter in the lock code in the first place) the unofficial way requires that you first jailbreak the phone and then you can install a carrier unlock patch onto the phone from there.  I do not know about the iPhone, as I have always done them the 'unofficial' way, but I presume that the carrier can give you the code to unlock the phone (they typically will not do this unless you have 'paid' for the phone by completing your contract..but they have been know to listen to pleading!)  Also, the manufacturer (in this case Apple) would also have the ability to unlock the phone.
Apple sucks... Loving my HTC android. Never pay for anything extra. Settle on perfection.
never carreid about apple and tried HTC THEY SUCK im back and staying with SAMSUNG i love my note2
+Jemal Gulum Especially with the pricing that Apple is putting these out for it would make perfect sense to get one on contract and then cancel the contract. I have a few friends who have done that as well. Generally they don't save too much money but it's still money saved.
so, it's still cheaper to unlock the phone yourself. got it.
Copy cats! Come up with something original. Finally realize DROID is eating their lunch!
Hmmm...$899 for unlocked iPhone or $299 for unlocked Nexus 4??? Let me think for a nanosecond... :)
N4 is a big fail. Only 8 or 16 gig memory and no expansion slot?!??
+Howard L Oh, I'm sorry. Did that $899 unlocked 16Gb iPhone come with memory expansion slot??? I must have missed the memo... BTW, with the $700 you'll have left, you can buy all the online storage, wifi storage, and UTG storage, you'll ever need... by a factor of 100... <g>
Last I looked at least you get a 32 or 64 gig choice.
,,,,,ha ha ha got that right !!!!
Jay R
Even if you cancel a contract through AT&T the requirements are that you have completed the contract. If you cancel just to get it you will not be able to unlock it. 
There is no other smartphone whether ios or android , that can compare to the note 2 and what it offers. If you want to be unique get a note 2.
Galaxy Note II for life! (of the product)
I got my iphone 5 for my birthday no complains here!!!! 
Why ppl compare this to a note 2?? You look like a pretentious idiot holding that thing next to your ear when making calls. Hence why Samsung calls it "Note" series.
+Howard L Are you saying Apple no longer sells a 16GB iPhone?? And that they have a memory expansion slot on the 32GB and 64GB iPhones???
BTW, with the Nexus 4 you still have $700 in your pocket to get whatever online storage, or wifi storage or UTG storage you want. With the iPhone... well, you don't... 
Ever heard of iCloud?
+Howard L Sorry, you don't have an extra $600-700 to spend on online storage. You spend it all on a unlocked iPhone when you could have gotten a Nexus 4 AND have lots of left over to buy 2 more Nexus 4 or spend it on online storage, wifi storage or UTG storage.
Hey, Howard L what if you spend 8 months out of the year in the back-woods where theres no internet connections. Thats why some of us hate these over priced gadgets with 16,32,or 64 GB's of space. Their just too damn small. I would love it if Mac would put out an iPad with a 750 GB HD. iCloud is of no use if you can't connect to it!
Hey like whatever you like. I happen to not care about how much money I can save if choosing a N4 or blah blah phone. I like my iPhone period. Also my family members are asking for iPhones for Xmas and I want to give them a gift that they actually want.
For the price of one unlocked iPhone you can buy 3 unlocked no contract Nexus 4 phones for your family. But if you love throwing money away, be my guest.
+Beto Aguirre Apple will never give up their HUGE profit margin... How else would they be one of the wealthiest companies on the planet.
So according to your logic then there is no need for Rolex, Porsche, Bentley, or any pricer choices. Everyone just buy a Honda civic since you get 4 wheels plus a radio. 
Except in your example the Nexus 4 is the Rolex/Porsche/Bentley and iPhone the Yugo. So you get 3 Rolex/Porsche/Bentley for 1 Yugo. 
That's your opinion. I happen to feel the opposite. 
Apple's response to the hit of the Google Nexus 4-- unlocked and a great phone.
Why would I buy another I phone just because its unlocked !!! C'mon apple .... I mean your dropping the 5s in a month now you want to sell unlocked phones for t mobile !?!? I used to feel like I was elite having a I phone; but not anymore !!!!
+Howard L If the iPhone were a better product like all your examples, then yes there is a need, but the iPhone 5 is not the greatest phone on the market in terms of build quality, OS usefulness, or specifications.  If it were then okay.  The problem is, is that Apple releases a phone on par with some other phones such as the Nexus 4 and then charges a premium price for the same product.  This is not okay, they are only filling the need of filling their pockets.
Big deal. Unlocked iPhone is already the norm everywhere else.
Hey not saying that N4 doesn't have good specs but for me the sum of all parts just doesn't have the polished feel of iPhone and iOS.
I have android devices and everything is good...but just not great. When I compare the exact same titles of apps the iOS ones just seems more refined and just plain better somehow. Like I said this is my opinion and of course buy whatever you like but I know what I like when I see it. 
Got an S3 and an ipod gen 4 (that I can make calls on, mind you) Best of both worlds. Got my cake and eating it to! I have my apple products and I love them. But I learned, once you have one apple product, you had them all. By the way, I love my S3♥
I have the note 2 and by far its the best phone I ever had...
They always say the iphone has one button. I see more than one button. Google should sue them for using more than one button. Naw Google will most likely take the high road and let crapple ruin its image on its own...
Ooo iPhones for even more money then they are already, how exciting! 
Wow what a rip off... Who would honestly pay 600 or above for an over priced mediocre device... This is a bad move for them to throw such a high price on them... If you really think about it what they are selling isn't unlocked its just an I phone from att or Verizon without a contract... F u apple we aren't that stupid
iPhones are for people who can't put into words why they are throwing massive (and I consider massive the 3:1 price difference between the iPhone and Nexus 4) money away for an inferior product. Inferior, like getting crappy maps, or 3rd party functions that can't use your favorite app, no NFC, no Google Now, no wireless charging, no multitasking any app, no widgets, no UTG, and on and on and on... the iPhone is inferior in every way to any of the top Android phones, and yet these people can not put into words why they are paying 3x the price for an inferior product. It's like a religion with them. Totally devoid of rational thinking.
+Howard L Yes, the apps are polished in iOS, but give Android a bit more time and they too will be polished.  All of the Apps I use on my Galaxy Nexus look and feel great!  But how the app looks and feels is only one aspect to its usefulness.  in Android apps are integrated into the OS better than in iOS and therefore in my opinion more useful.  FYI

But you are right buy what you like.  It really is a choice.
Gary Jr
I'll ride with my OG note for a min
Ha! Apple, you can keep your junk! 
They'll do anything to squeeze a lil more money out of there customers,but won't use there profits to innovate or create a better product.
No +Ivan Santos it should have been unlocked in the first place giving people the freedom to chose their carrier. Cant understand why the 4s is still 550 unlocked though.
Apple risk becoming a victim of its own success, cause if their products are going to be available everywhere and everyone has it. What makes the iphone different and unique.
+Chirag Patel the thing is, Apple products are not unique.  All the iOS devices are the same, just different sizes.  You only have the choice of color and to change your background image.  No customization, so no uniqueness. 
I wonder if the success of the nexi launch made them do this. Seeing Google sell out finally made them want to sell them off of their website?

I could be wrong. I am just pulling shit out of my ass
I see they're taking a cue from Android. Yet another cue. 
I love my iPad (2) and macbook ( Insane battery life...Pro lasted 6 hours today and still got 40% battery...been watching all my lecture podcasts and surfing web...IPad similar story. 4S however...was a mistake. Siri is crap. Camara good. Battery OK. IOS no problems Simple easy to use. Apple need to come up with something revolutionary instead of a longer screen or a freaking talking dumbass for the Iphone. 
when iphone becomes free, I'll get one. S3 for my money
meh..the slim thin tallest iPhone yet. Screen aspect ratio of this phone is killing me.
Apple are for simple people..and androids
Are for complicated ppl like me with the cool widgets and sb like settings. Android! The thing is are you guys really fighting over which phone is the best? Everyone has there own opinions keep them to yourself and stop the drama everywhere 
I already have one. India was was region where they started selling unlocked iPhone5....:))
Now whenever I'm in the islands I can pop in my digicel chip and keep it moving :)
U do have a point jessica brandao but to me ones steve jobs passed things are not the same with apple wat they got lined up is all ready out and there software is so played out ...
What's an iphone? O that phone back in 2007 still around. Looks the same. 
What about that other sexier phone, galaxy 3 is it or the note 
Who cares? It's still an Apple product...
Aaron K
Nice.. But thats pretty damn expensive! Woot android
My wife has an iPhone(boring). I had an iPad but as soon as I bought the S3, I sold my iPad and still don't regret it.
well looks like the site went live with the unlocked iphone
Really all this bitchin apple samsung argument, dont you people have any thing better to whine about? Like global warming, republican democrats or the deficit, hell its a damn phone for christs sake, damn..
My apple 5 died wont charge wont start wont work.....after buying all my new stuff for the new port im left with mo apple 4me
+Phillip Kelley Global Warming: Too late to fix... Republican/Democrat: They're both the same (crooked politicians)... Deficit: Really!!?? The Rich get richer and the middle-class gets f****d
So what!? I can get unlocked phones from the pawnbrokers for around 30 dollars... original iphones do exactly the same thing as the iPhone 5. Big deal. Rock on Android!! 
i think Note 2 is better now. Samsung is leading the way, not Apple. 
They would have to PAY ME if they wanted me to use it
Bunch of android fanboys talking crap about iphone news clip. If you like your droids then good for you but why so insecure about others supporting Apple products?

So "unlocked" doesn't have the same meaning in iOS as android. Nevertheless, it's a step in the right direction. A little freedom now, more later.
Got my Galaxy S3 and im loving it. Apple have some catching up to do 
Lol I think +Howard L is just an #isheep. Its fine having your own opinions but I can't comprehend why anybody would buy an inferior product for double the price of a flagship phone.
(Sent by my alleged inferior nexus 4) lol
+it actually surprises me how many US carriers are still stuck on CDMA... Here in Canada, bell and Telus offer it because of those US companies that haven't upgraded or switched yet.

It's shocking how many people are still waiting for the over priced and hyped iPhone5. The Samsung galaxy S3 or Note II or even the HTC one X are better handsets... They are available and do not cost that much. I switched from iPhone two years ago. Best decision I have made. No more limitations and software tie downs... couldn't be happier. SGS3!
Seriously, if someone gave me an iPhone I would sell it and get a Nexus 4 and still have money left over to pay for most of the Nexus 10. 
Apple makes nice products, but the company's attitude makes some...err actually...lots of people hate who's to blame? 
I was able to order mine in Canada two weeks ago. En route.
There is nothing wrong with people supporting Apple products as long as they realize they are not the best things out there.  The problem many Apple users are pretentious about it.  Freedom of choice and competition is what is most important to keep innovation, something Apple is trying desperately to stop with all their law suits. This is why Android fans feel the need to defend Android by stating how much better it is than iOS.  I must admit that iOS is okay for some people but for me not nearly productive enough. 
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