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Boy, I hope so.  Samsung is a runaway freight train with the ultimate in specs, and the design sensibility of Ziploc.  It would be nice for Sony to bring some real design chops and build quality to this space.
I hope so, i'm tired of everyone seeing Samsung as the Top Choice for Android devices.
sony took the right desicion and shared their code to the open source community. we will see the results in the near future. my next android device is so going to be a sony.
between their NEX cameras and Xperia phones, Sony seems to be on a bit of a roll lately
i like Sony all series ,...

Sony Ericsson G502, Sony Ericsson W8, Sony Xperia U
I really hope so.
Sony is a suberb tech company and can be a very good competitor to Apple and Samsung.
It's getting there. Just not yet but they are getting there. 
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