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for 30min it was down now ok
It may be causing Chrome to crash this morning.
It was just a moment ago, but is now back up.
I didn't have GMail up and Chrome was still crashing. Must be something else.
It was down for me, back up now.
Was for a couple minutes but seems to be fine now.
I haven't had any trouble accessing Gmail but Chrome has crashed three times. I'm in US.
Nope. My Play Store was down. And my Google+ but its up and working now. 
El Twin
Up and running here in US. 
My gmail was out for few mins. and my google chrome crashed a few moments later.
my chrome crashed few minutes ago either
Been having some issues with Gtalk, but other than that Gmail has been fine.
was down in DC.  seems stable the last 20 minutes or so
Was down for me, chrome crashed about 2 times now back up
Chrome has been crashing for me quite a bit the last 20 minuets or so.  
It's back up for me, but I was down for 20 mins
M Rod
Nope working just fine for me, so far anyway!
In Malaysia...., Back up now.
Chrome has been crashing...! 
GMail was never down, but gtalk was.
Just once this morning before going to lunch; thought it was a fluke but came to G+ and found out how widespread it was.  I am on gmail, g+ and using Chrome now all at once with no issues.  We use Google apps at work (school) and no help desk tickets - whew.
G+ was down for some minutes on mobile app. Html did work. After reboot everything ok again.. (maybe without reboot ok too) 
No problems for me in the UK all day 
Mine seems to be working... Didn't notice anything out of ordinary...
it killed all my chrome tabs twice
It's working for me in New Zealand.
Google play servers were down for me in TX
Holy shit! Im going to stock up on water and canned goods asap.
Gmail & Google+ been down for the last 4-5 min. Google+ seems to be back up now though
G+ is not really down, it's just loading slowly sometimes.
Used it all day long in Cyprus. No outage on this side of the world.
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