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Which one do you prefer: the Nook HD+ or the Kindle Fire HD 8.9?
Short of an iPad, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Nook HD+ are about as good as it gets in the 10-inch media tablet space, so we thought it only fitting to Fly or Die these bad boys side-by-side. Thoug...
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Nexus7, then Nexus10 ... then Kindle Fire HD, then Nook.
+Nate Swanner I think the only think that Kindle Fire has on a regular Android tablet is the Amazon Instant Video app, especially if you are Prime.  Getting it to work on a regular Android is slim that it will work normal from what I have read.  Other than that I would much rather have a Nexus 10 or Note 10.1.
iPad mini?  You mean the out of date, overpriced, same old Apple product?
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