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Staying with the nexus. 
suman das
No... Prabably wait for Motorola X
Good luck Blackberry. Competition is vital and it really does look like you have tried hard on the new OS. 
Large numbers compared to what? The few dozen they were selling prior to the announcement?

Sorry RIM/Blackberry, I pushed our organization to Android a few years ago. If you wanted our business, you would have shown me you were serious a long time before now...
Chuck Poe
I loved my 3 BlackBerrys, but I have moved on. Nexus1, HTC Inspire, SGII, and now hoping to get the NOTEII. Sorry BB you took too long. 
I look at the new Blackberry os as taking the best parts of iOS, (solid core, beautiful ui, battery life, etc) and android (integration, functionality). Excited about the mashup and would love an opportunity to test drive one. Verizon can't bring it fast enough. :) love competition!! 
Everyone can try to make something equivalent to the iPhone but it will never happen. The best thing you can do is - instead of trying to get the next best thing, just go out and buy an iPhone
Did someone say Black-bury? Never had one, never needed one. I think the competition buried them.
Yeah don't feed the Röll... I mean TRöll... I know what I mean...
+Eric E. If I wanted an iPhone, I'd get one. I'll take the latest Android phone any day.
Probably a greater chance in seeing Ted Nugent vote democrat than me buying a Blackberry again.
Seriously considering it
Picked one up can't believe I like it more then my nexus 4
Rocci - How's the keyboard?
Fuck the apple ass licker tech crunch!
Can't say until I can put my hands on one here in the U.S. I'm currently a BlackBerry user and I know BlackBerry isn't considered hip these days but it just works for me.  I'm eligible for a device upgrade in May.  If I like the Z10, I'll stick with BlackBerry.  If it doesn't wow me: Samsung Galaxy SIII.
Its a nice looking device, but there would be no reason for a switch. Even if I hated my iPhone--and I don't--I would snatch up an Android device asap. The apps & functionality of both Apple & Android have left BB in the dust. 
Giving it consideration... I'm also considering a windows phone.  My decision isn't urgent though as I'm not due for a new phone on my plan until next February (2014) so I've got some time to see how those two platforms do.  If they don't look good by then I'll just stick to Android. 
Not buying a blackberry that has no keyboard.  
The keyboard is pretty money all in all I'm like really digging it Lol I do love Google thou. Hate iPhone and windows so I hope people make the switch and I have more people I can bb message
Still crying as I am on BBOS7. Worst OS. BB10: Next year.
why are people stuck on physical buttons? they wear out and stop functioning. woopdidoo
Ryan R.
Will be waiting for Q10 instead. :)
Love the new BlackBerry z10.blows my old toy of an I phone out of water.Finally a phone gor grown ups that can do everything I want and more.
pre-ordered my Z10 right after the Jan 30th launch, when it became available on my carrier's website !!
+Robert Gennaro comparing it to the WP too, would make you look much more up to date. Take the HUB or some of camera features
. The interface has little to do with IOS... try n9 from nokia
Don't buy the first generation. It is going to be extremely buggy. BB dies not have the money depth of Android or iOS to work the bugs out fast. Its gonna take time, couple generations more likely. By the time they get the bugs worked out the hardware will be outdated. Remember Lumia disaster. Besides BB may not have enough juice or money left to follow it through. My advice stay out get Android or iOS device. If you don't like mainstream get W8 but not a BB10. Wait for at least one year.
Already have nexus 4, but there's still one more room for Z10, love the gestures, kinda neat
Not yet. I think I am going to get company to provide me with one.
Happy with my windows phone. (Lumia 822) No reason to switch.
I like the extremely modular nature of the qnx os that bb10 is based on but dont know how much RIM have screwed with it. I could be tempted to try it out if they produce a more modern handset 
Not a chance. I like physical keys on my smartphones too much.

Ask me about the BB Q10, when it comes out. :)
My wife is hoping that her Curve will get upgraded to a newer BlackBerry. The IT dept at her work (municipality) are afraid of anything besides Blackberries...
Do people actually buy them personally - I always though they came gift wrapped from IT
same here. A trial is such a good idea
I can see businesses and perhaps governments using the Blackberry if their IT staff have already validated the security of other Blackberry devices and are uncertain about moving on to something new.  However, I suppose that's assuming that the new Blackberry software will be similar enough to older versions.
Not interested at all. These sales are probably current Blackberry users that want a phone that sucks less than their current Blackberry.
Bb sucks, it'd good there is competition but they came with guns blazing after the wars already been won.
Yes! +John Kirsopp nailed it with the "sucks less than their current Blackberry" comment.  As long as the IT depts believe it's more secure, they will still sell to large organizations.
I've had the same BB for 4 years now. I'm just waiting for the verizon store to get it in. I don't need to play Angry Birds or Friends with words or whatever, just a phone that I can use for my business so I can't wait
sold out like Nexus 4 - is it a demand issue or a supply issue
supply issue I bet, and this works to Blackberry's advantage..this is good media coverage...think about it....
Zero interest in Bb. They'll convert half their 80M existing (mostly corporate) customer base, and a handful of consumers, who will be happy to have a modern Bb, but that will be the beginning of the end.
Battery Life
Physical Keyboard
Efficient Network usage
Micro SD
Blackberry, it seems is wining the mobile war at the moment.....
im happy with my note 2 , 5.5 inch is worth satisfying compare to that one ... 
I hope blackberry succeed. I think that the platform has better chances than WP7. That said, I love the Nexus 4 and I'm not about to change platform. Especially that Google in on the verge of releasing key lime pie on a possible Motorola nexus. That's what I'm really excited about.
Of course it will sell for now. Until the next galaxy or dare I say iphone comes out
Ha, i think this is PR spin. I went into o2 and carphone warehouse to try the new handset and it's locked down to the demo mode demoing things i've already heard about. Makes me wonder what it's hiding
What a load of crap! LOL
No! I tried to purchase one last Feb 2 here in Ottawa, I been to 2 retailers and both have Z10 in stocks but don't want to sell it since BlackBerry decided to sell it first in the U.K. So I end up buying Nokia Lumia 920. After 3 days of using Windows Phone 8, I'm happy since it has integration with Live account, OneNote, Skype, Skydrive, exchange and I love people apps.
I'm thankful that I didn't buy Z10. If I have spare cash to buy another phone today, I"ll buy Samsung Galaxy Note II instead of Z10.
I wouldn't consider a blackberry in a million years..bit still better than iPhone.
Looks better than Windows Phone, that's for sure.
z10 only comes with 1.5 ghz snapdragon dual
Looks like my old 4 yr old Droid X...
iPhone? Uhhh no to that also. Just fine with my SIII...
I just changed from a BlackBerry. I thought it was the worst phone I ever had. Just bought a Motorola droid razar HD and I think it is great. Not interested in another BlackBerry.
How to compare this phone with a Gnote 2 with Android Jelly Bean? No way.. 
+Eric E. You can keep your toy phone, I prefer real smartphones, hell I would even get this new BB over the ipod you love so much.
Can imagine BB vd keypad only... w8ng for Q10 to land
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