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What the Twitter/Instagram standoff has meant for traffic to Instagram -

Guess: do you think it helped it, or hurt it?
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Nice . I don't even bother seeing those photos on Instagram now , since they sold their soul to fb I then ditch them . There are pinterest . The fancy . We heart it . Tumblr . Something else for me 
twitter will gnaw at the foot of instagram while instagram will sniff twitter's butt?
The only reason that I use twitter (2000+ tweets) is this: I tweet my amusing/hilarious thoughts as they come to me and then I eventually print out a list of my tweets that I plan on using in casual conversation: "I am going to begin exclusively hanging out with colorblind people. I will always match." I also like to troll Ann Coulter, but I think she blocked me. The basic idea is that I try way too hard. 
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