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because there easy to unlock and people can run what the dev's put out which is more current..;)
With flexible full HD super Amoled powered by at least an octa core, Samsung is going to change the mobile landscape
Yes....Apple tumble.... Android will rules in the future....
Lot of choices for Samsung smartphones,they have phones for the people like upper cless,middle class and lower class. Samsung is a people's phone. Like my comment add me up ;-). Thanks
dream on, the Apple app market has nailed enough users to their purchases - no matter what kind of device is released outside of the Apple garden, people won't leave their purchases behind.

On the other side of the coin, an iPod would run almost all apps an iphone would, so maybe there is an opportunity.
I'm actually shocked RIM is still around... I figured the war between Apple and Samsung (Android) would have killed them off much quicker.
+Jason Thoms I can't seriously believe that people won't switch platforms because of some 30 bucks they threw years ago. I think it has to do more with familiarity than with vested items.
Okay, they shipped 213 million, how many did they actually sell?
Nokia you need an Android OS phone........ 
Watch Nokia (microsoft OEM partners) and Windows soar in demand as they continue innovating and integrating the mobile/tablet/desktop ecosystem. I'm both surprised and impressed at how far Microsoft has come and how little OSX/iOS has evolved, this trend reminds me of the last time Microsoft dominated the market, while apple strgled to introduce innovative products like they used to. It will be interesting to see things unfold with the added competition of Google to the mix, I think we will see a stronger continuation of innovation out of necessity, these companies don't have the luxury of coasting on yesterdays success anymore. 
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