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Will pay for 10+ participants in a Hangout. Your move, Google.
For everyone crying foul, and implying that they can no longer compete with Office 365, it is worth noting a couple of things:

1.  This move only affects small businesses.  Larger organizations have always had to pay, and private individuals and students remain free (though educational institutions also have to pay - at a reduced rate); and

2. 2013's Office 365 Small Business Premium (which would be the equivalent service from Microsoft) is being sold on a per-user basis, at $150 PER USER PER YEAR (that is 3 times what Google is asking).  If you want to  Install and manage Office locally and have both local control and 365, the cost is even higher (and MS just raised it by $15 per license per year over last year - see here for pricing details: and  Yes there are discounted packages for large organizations, even then it is still considerably more expensive than what Google is offering (that and that's not the focus of this move, which is directed at small businesses).

BTW, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that paid Google Docs accounts (personal, for enterprise or education) did not have adds in them.  I thought adds were only present in the free versions and then only when viewed from a desktop/laptop browser.  Has that changed?
'Kay.  Shoots major holes in two steps of current redesign here. We've long had multiple (aged) MS Office licenses here that still work, back to using them.  I'm trying to build past XP era here.
That's unfortunate, and we should assume that nothing changes with the terms and it will all be ad-supported as well.  Too bad, you're in it head-to-head now with Office 365.  Good luck with that.
It's a smart move, and one that I would pay for! 
Not a smart move, if i have to go, what will i use?
Not a smart move in the sense that family based Google Apps accounts can no longer be used.  Also, It makes one look to alternative products as options rather than just jumping into the Google environment and then committing to it ( like a try before you buy approach ).
Well there goes that back to free open source ware...
It was bound to happen once they started selling the gmail client interface as a corporate solution.
:-/ Meh at +Google , even though I understand its their perogative.
I think we all knew it was bound to happen.  Does anyone know if you get a bit more privacy protection with the Premium version?
Seriously not cool at all, putting advertising into this thing would have been much better
This totally sucks and with no prior notice. Dammit Google, leave this kind of behaviour to Microsoft!
I manage to register earlier. Bad luck, I need to advice my customer to paid version now. :P
We get so enamored with freemium models that we stop appreciating the product for what it's worth. $50/year is a no brainer. We have been using free until now, but gladly upgrade if we had to. 
Adopted Google Apps for business 6 months ago for our organization of 25 people and can't imagine life without it. 
Maybe a 2 year trial, why do trials have to be one month, who deploys and start depending on a solution in a month ?
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