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Finally. YouTube is launching a redesign to reduce clutter and put videos front and center -

What do you think of the new redesign?
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Improved navigation and channel discovery. I like it.
I have already had it for a while and it's much better than the old one, much easier to keep track of my subscriptions.
I was surprised at yet another change in the layout. After a little while, I became accustommed to it
They change their design often it seems. As long as it improves...
Love the new design!
It looks a little like the desing in the hangout, with the right pannel that appears and dissapears. I cannot see it yet, it is suposed to be worldwide? I guess I will have to wait a little.
I hate the new update of Youtube.. we have to sign in at the Youtube because Youtube don't have GoogleBar now :-(
Now I cannot filter the search by Upload Date but overall, meh.
I don't like the fact that in the new design they have mixed up the subscription activities and recommended videos. Now it is hard to find the recommended videos. 
New youtube homepage won't let me tell it to open in subscriptions with uploads only T_T.
Overall I like it. The one thing that irritates me is that it is left-aligned. Would it kill them to center-align it? Left-align makes it look horrible on big screens with browser full screen. I'm glad I keep my browser in windowed instead of full screen so this doesn't particularly affect me.
Lol. You're so late. I've been using this layout for about 2 months now. Psst, you should probably look into more of their "beta" software. ;-)
Love it! Is more clean and the subscribe button is more appealing!
Yea, subscription list is. Relief, but i would like to have the option to drag and resize the window - subscription list.
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