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Adobe debuts Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android smartphones, bringing the full power of the tablet version to your pocket -
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Useless. Snapseed and Pixlr Express = free.
I like the layers and the ability to crop via their algorithm. Otherwise I think it is still very neutered compared to the full version 
+Marcus Ong It's still way beyond anything else on a phone or tablet so It's very worth $5-10. I already own the tablet version since launch day but I gladly dropped $5 for the phone one.

+O'Neil Castro So what you're saying is that you haven't tried it or even looked into it.
I still don't get $4.99 and $9.99 just for the form factor difference. IMO, iPhone app should be charged more because it's quite challenging in every aspect!
It needs different programming I'm sure to get the same tools working on lower end devices with less battery. regardless, if they had the same price for both I'd gladly pay $15 as it's worth it.
+Phil Nolan We are going back to the desktop age in that case because mobile is a lucrative and sure. not really hacked and used like Desktop software (there are, but not much) so the price has to come down!
Nice one for image blending, cropping and composition, well it's photoshop on mobile, and it was for free on my tablet.
5$....No thanks, with the new gallery editing tools I do not see why this is needed unless you have a phone not running Jellybean.  Then, this could be useful.
+O'Neil Castro For 5 minutes of work on a phone i'd call it pretty good.

+Josh Fisher if all you need is really basic editing than may e that's OK for you. This is for creative professionals. 
Well...besides not being all that great, they had the nerve to make it a separate app for the phone rather than developing the app correctly to so that there is a single install for both phones and tablets. #devfail  
Wow, people really think basic editing options are in the same league as Photoshop?

It may not be close to the real thing but I imagine a water down Photoshop will kill basic apps like snapseed and jellybean options
I can't get it to open any pictures from picasa sync'd albums, or from instant upload albums (which are essentially the same thing I realize), so heads up to people who use instant upload and picasa.  It seems to only open files that are locally stored on the phone.  That is a huge flaw in my opinion....  maybe its just my phone, but if not, what a major over sight.  Other photo editing apps don't struggle with this basic task.  It is otherwise a nice app.  I'd still use snapseed or pixlr for quick editing though.
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