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Apple users exaggerate? No really?
Definitely downloaded when it came out! Works great!
Maybe not exaggerated. Somebody didn't know Google maps has been drop off, others thought Maps wouldn't have so many issues, others update anyway to have other features
Why doesn't anyone comment how annoying it is to have the app dialing on the car phone every time a turn is coming up which interrupts the music playing.
+Joe Buhler Coming from Android here, but the phone should lower the audio of music playing in the background when it tells you when to turn. If you don't want voice directions, then mute the voice prompts on Google Navigation.
If its working fine then dont remove it.
I didn't even know it came out until now, but then again I've been using Here maps lately with satisfaction.
+Brian Pemberton Every time a turn comes up the app starts dialing as if I was making a call, which cuts out the music playing from my connected iPod. After the turn the phone disconnects and the music returns. Using the built in iOS app keeps the music playing while the turn directions are on and I just lower the volume a bit to hear them. 
Lol who wrote this? No one thought this. I don't know anyone who didn't want to upgrade to iOS6 because they couldn't use Google Maps. Peeps didn't want to upgrade cause of other reasons. For the peeps that did upgrade to iOS6, they just didn't use Apple maps. Plain and simple haha.
This is such an obvious slap in Apple's face. Well deserved one, mind I add.
+Edward Polack May I recommend you to do the same route? Google Maps becoming most popular app in 7 hours is an indicator of consumer's dissatisfaction with the stock Maps app. Also, this is not OS war discussion and certainly not a phone discussion, so keep the fanboyism out of this. FYI I use both OSes and there are things that I like and dislike in both of them.
+Edward Polack whatever it may be, people seem to like Google Maps A LOT for it to be the #1 app in the App Store in one day. The people have spoken, the proof is in the App Store! And if people didn't switch to iOS6, that's seems to be an Apple issue not a map app issue.
+Edward Polack Well, you see, your argument could be valid only if Google Maps would be a new app. However, we've been using it for well over 5 years now. Basically the new Apple Maps turned out to be hype, since all people wanted is the old Google Maps. 
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