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Only a useful measure if we know how many handsets there were for sale in the first place. If they only have 100 handsets in inventory selling out does not make it "a hit."
Waiting for this phone in Philippines = wait forever 
I still can't find any figures on how many were sold. It's easy to sell out if you only put 17 on the block.
It's funny I managed to grab a 16gb Nexus 4 after this article was posted - I don't believe it is sold out guys keep refreshing!
Wating for it at Puerto Rico
Hours??? In germany everything was sold out after 10 minutes...
That's exactly what i was thinking +Giles Smith all these sites reporting it sold out I think they are all just presuming with no actual hard proof that it's sold out.
I hope this phone hits Brazil soon !!!
hiks..hiks i wish i could teleport to us by now...T_T
Hours ? I would say 30 mins. It appeared online at 0810 and was unavailable before 0840
When will it sell in the U.S.?
Australia sold out of the 16GB N4 within 22 minutes, 8GB not long after that. Only one left is the N10 16GB.
Did he just say a "High end 3G device "? Seriously? 
I wonder when they would be sell in China! :<
Ryan Ng
No iPhone? Yea
Waiting in india..... +Google +Nexus ...we are still waiting for galaxy nexus launch.....and internationally nexus 4 is selling..... When can we see the release in india at same as in US UK and european nations
I want the 32GB 3G Nexus 7,, but no play store in Saudi Arabia,, saaad.. When will it come?
The question is: how many devices were available at all. It's not a big achievement to sell a few thousend devices...
I want the 32GB 3G Nexus 7,, but no play store in Saudi Arabia,, saaad.. When will it come?
Thanks Google for the BS. Next time try preorders to prevent pissing your fan base off. 
Yeah, I'm waiting for it to hit the US
And they make so little of these, how can being out of stock make this a hit?!
+Jeff Chapman Lol I believe so, they also have a patent on apples in general that's why there getting so exspensive

Short supply is not the same as high demand.

But you droid noids will believe anything it seems.

Please Google, allow us in the third world to buy your awesome devices through play store as soon as possible. I'd hate to have to deal with shady Grey market importers just to get my hands on those shiny new devices. 
I keep on seeing people asking how many devices were in stock ...... firstly why would Google hold low stocks....secondly your definitely an apple fan boy 
+Exsecratus Sicarius Minus your immaturity I agree. This whole thing has been a mess.  Instead of preorders Google decides to not even announce times. Over seas buyers are stuck waiting for an Email they get AFTER the device is sold out.  Seems totally publicity driven.  Short supply to show high demand.  Other wise why not just take preorders?  I am in the US but annoyed Google is treating our overseas friends this way.  Gotta at least give Apple props, they know how to just get their stuff sold.  
Lte Verizon has the largest network so far and they state there lte coverage with cities .... Call me when you can actually move around the country using it N5 will have and then it will actually be a valid network.
I tried for 20 mins straight to order it kept crashing then said notify when available not happy. Uk
I keep refreshing the US store, and its not being sold yet.
This means this smartphone is the best.
No, it means that google was not able (or did not want to, for marketing purposes) generate enough supply to meet the demand. We can't really infer anything more from this.
Did it sell out in the U.S. yet? 
+Dylan Thomas Yes.  Website was completely bogged down. My order threw an error yet my card was charged and I do have an order number.  Naturally Google disconnects any calls that customers make to inquire.  This is really bad. Time will tell if it went through for me. If not, I am going to keep rocking my One S.  Google is making mistake after mistake for this one.
Yeah they sold out of all 3 they had in stock.
Does anybody know when or if they'll release it again?
Ferkin Google joke shop, why wouldn't they just let you per order like any normal company. Everytime I managed to Click buy now the next page said "oops your basket is empty" wankers
Google is like Lucy holding a football. "Comon Charlie Brown, place an order for this device. I promise not to pull it away."
I'm in the US. Tried to order Nexus 10 32 gig and Nexus 4 16 gig. Kept coming up with the message saying error...!.. now they're sold out. I've been with Android since the beginning and I feel like I just got robbed. thanks google good looking out. +Andy Rubin +Hugo Barra is there going to be any kind of fix for all the trouble
+Hugo Barra +Larry Page are you guys going to offer anybody any kind of second chance to order these devices or perhaps give them away to make up for things I really didn't plan on waiting any longer to order my devices
Tony U.
In the US, the Nexus 4 went on sale at about 11:35am EST, and it sold out within 30 minutes.
Lte sucks. I don't want phone calls breaking my mifi. Hence all the 3g choices; bad 4g networks.
Sold out by people imagining they are buying the iphone at a lower price
In the USA, its literally 15 minutes ONLY - sell out of NEXUS 4...

I woke up very early and kept in hitting the reload button then on 10:25am (central time) I ordered the nexus 4 BUT in just 15 minutes - all NEXUS 4 was gone...

That's SUPER hit...
+Raymond Jones, will be trolling again here about how great APPLE still and he will say that he owns TONS of Android devices and he hates it...

He's trolling everywhere and will defend APPLE to death...

Lifeless Troll...
+Clifford Miemban ... Lol give me a break, never said I tested android, own androids is another story. Just to clarify things for you, the iPhone 4S was my first iOS device witch i got earlier this year, after owning android from 2010. So say what you like still doesn't make you correct. 
+Raymond Jones , YOU want me to post all your messages here???
I own lots of APPLE iDevices & review them too but for a phone since I bought the Nexus 1 till the Galaxy Nexus (all GSM) I will never touch an iPhone, especially now that I just ordered the Nexus 4 16gb. So, I know more than you if iOS or Android is sucks BUT when I reviewed all your rants - its like double blade BUT still in the end you will say APPLE is the best.
I'm not hypocrite NOT to say APPLE is a great hardware company BUT never software is their asset as I will give it to Microsoft & Google as they have more best software engineers in the world...
+Clifford Miemban .. Go ahead cause you clearly need to read them again, I said I bought my first ios device earlier this year, I already owned a Mac book pro and iMac, and proceeded to by a iPad after the iPhone. Just as I've bought androids and will buy the new bb10 devices when it's released. And good for you that only proves android works bet for you, witch it doesn't for me, iOS works best for my life style, and bb10 will work even better. And I never once said apple is the best, yes they are a great hardware company and if you've ever seen any of my other comments I clearly have stated on many post apple has failed to improve there software in years, witch will open the doors for other os's. Competition is good for the end consumer witch is why I own many devices. Based on someone's personal preference each os has there pros and cons. 
I want this phone, please google, put more up!
At least apple doesn't blunder there launches like google did today. I soo wanted one. I think I bought it twice, but it crashed as it was finalizing. 
I have Verizon. 'Nuff said.
yeal..vrz has the best hardware but there software,phones,updates and anything else they can screw up ...SUCKS...why does t moblie get the good chit..where i live they dont even show 3 g..maybe 2 g at best..what have we done to you (google) u leave us out in the cold...;)
Well I had a old virgin Mobile Optimus slider and it fell apart, so I need a new phone.

Cant wait to "rest" my Nexus 3 and buy this phone in my home town Jakarta..!!!
Yeh really not impressed by n4. I want the s4, now that shall be a monster. And make me a very happy man =) ftw!!!
Oh goodluck to you new n4 owners, its all android and im all for it. Im just still a galaxy s guy, but goodluck to all androiders!
Best thing about the samsung phones, they don't SCREW up there launches. 
hours, minutes.. but how many units were sold?
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