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if it´s not too expensive...
I would buy these in a heartbeat. 
When below the 500 USD mark. Maybe..
yes!  a thousand times yes!
Just wait for the market to become oversaturated with these, then we'll see them at Nexus worthy prices
Oakley should be all over this. Given their HUD snow goggles.
not at this price. it would need to cost less than the device it has to connect with (phone/tablet $100-$200 range) or run around the same price as a tablet ($250-$400) if it is its own device. that said i do want one.
Yes, but I'll have to wait until they are considerably below $500 US.
I would love to but I don't know the retail price yet. I believe they said it would be consistent with phone prices.
Yes! But in order to be a Glass Explorer you will need to pay $1500 and live in the US. 
+Bolanile Olatunji To be honest the Explorer version is probably beta and full of bugs anyway. Just wait until it's released to retail. You'll get a better product at a greatly reduced price.
But only if they are actually glasses too. A frame with no glass, not even shades just doesn't make sense. Maybe they should talk to WileyX who do the military goggles and tactical eyeware.
Wait for the copy from china
Only if its affordable and if it proves to be a daily driver. Definitely has the potential to be one.
I'd wear them either way; let the primitives gawk at something they could never understand. 
$500 - $699 I'd imagine for something like this. Any less than that is a steal, really. These look nothing short of amazing. 

Sometimes I wonder if Google secretly believes that a collective consciousness would be a really nice way to manage humanity...
+Phil Nolan That's good to know.  There is hope for us myopic explorers after all.  

I personally think everyone who is poo-pooing Google Glass is going to have to eat their hat in 5 years time.  This will be the thing adopted by younger people and wealthy technophiles initially, but before you know it everyone will be wearing them.  

Adoption will be just like the cellphone, computers, smartphones etc.  People will be like "why do I need that?" and "it's too complicated" and "it is invading my privacy", and "they are just for young people".  Then a few years later people will be like "I can't do without it", "how did we live  before them?".
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