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aaaand.... i'm out, don't need that language on my page... ESPECIALLY by professional companies, It's one thing when an ignorant frustrated individual uses that language. But I won't tolerate it from a company i "follow"
why would you even try to publicize this here?
Wish the hackers had done better than the f-bomb. Perhaps saying that Microsoft had open sourced window.
+Eoin O'Dowd Actually I have been saying that since I was 15. But that does not change the fact that in TODAYS culture it is a very offensive, obscene, and off putting word. It was originally used as a decree to allow women to have sex for money when they were the only ones in their family's that could "work", they were allowed to have sex for money. (Thus the CONSENT of the King needed)

But that is beside the point. Why does a company feel that it is okay to use such offensive language to draw attention to their sites? And why am I not allowed to say why I am not going to follow a company? Or are you going to continue to attack me for my OWN choices as the left has attacked Chick-Fil-a` for their OWN stand on what the believe? Oh yeah! only "Liberals" (closed minded people) are allowed to state, and even push, their beliefs with out repercussion in today's world.
Yo. I'm eatin fun dip right now... Not givin a fuuuuuuuuu
+Joel McCracken

Dear buzz kill,

That's an urban myth.

Please do not attempt to sound informed when you clearly aren't.

Critical thinkers and skeptics
HAha! lol, 

but you know its as true as saying that a Tech company is trying to be "informative about the F word". Maybe I AM wrong about the history there, but at least I am not defending an IDIOTIC statement of being scared of the harshness of the world and needing to go and hide?! lol
LuciO M
As the great philosopher Rondey King once said,"can we all get along?"
This is the best post EVER to show up on my feed!! :)
Read the original Forbes article and it all makes sense, for fucks sake!
Now i can`t say whether this is the result of a hack, or just folks having a bit of a laugh with an in-joke, but it got a giggle out of me at two in the morning either way.
irish d
Lol at +Joel McCracken I was nodding my head at your first sentence then it went WTF in the second. Typical republican. Always gets the conclusion wrong.
Best laugh in a long time. From the headline I thought that they were hacked, then I read Forbes and almost choked laughing. I never knew Forbes could be funny. In a thick series of "how did we all do this quarter?" this was beautiful.
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