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Signatures seem to be increasing rapidly in speed, in what could be the fastest petition in the site’s history.

Did you sign it?
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Signed it already.  I just heard from someone that registered that she's been waiting to receive the confirmation email, but it's taking an extraordinary amount of time.
No. The guy was 20 years old and was already prohibited from owning handguns. More gun control will not solve the problem. Enforce the laws we already have and understand that there are evil people in the world who will find ways to kill people.
Today is not the day to worry about politics.  There are families without their babies tonight.  People have lost friends and family members.  Think about them tonight, not petitions.
How about an armed guard at each school? Maybe even training for teachers or administrators to carry concealed weapons. Criminals WILL EXIST. We must figure out how to stop THEM. 
Blaming guns for these tragedies is like blaming spoons for obesity.
Couldn't agree with you more, +Stephen Yang , I mean sure, automatic weapons shoud have more RESTRICTIONS, like taking a psych exam in order to qualify to own one, it keeps the crazies like Holmes and the elementary school guy from getting them/ keeping them, and in the hands of RESPONSIBLE citizens
+Stephen Yang Sure, tell that to the parents who lost their loved ones today morning. While we are grieving for these kids, somewhere those gun company executives are celebrating the new sales numbers, 100 new rounds which were fired today.
I like to think the vast VAST majority of Americans are sane and competent enough to own a firearm without killing everything that moves. Apparently I'm not in the majority.
+Prasanta Bhuyan Would you also choose to disarm the police? Again, it's not the weapon, it's the person wielding it.
+Stephen Yang I never said anything about  disarmament of law enforcement. So you saying every tom dick and harry should just walk into walmart and buy a semiautomatic because law enforcement needs guns?
There should be one for him to address mental health and it should be signed faster and by more people.
There have been cases of military as well as members of law enforcement carrying out gun related crimes, +Prasanta Bhuyan. What you're suggesting we do doesn't protect us from that still.
+Aaron Quinones Automatic weapons are already extremely difficult, and expensive to get.  You're looking at a minimum of $10k, background checks, and a signoff by your local sheriff.  And there has only been one crime committed with a legally owned automatic weapon since the National Firearms Act of 1934 when their ownership was regulated.
Just as the administration wanted....
The NRA has big influence in politics. This petition will do nothing. Sign and think that you are doing some part but really nothing will change. Sorry folks that's the way it is.
+Rob Farnham Switzerland has a higher percentage of armed households than the US, including 600,000 fully automatic weapons.  Their gun violence statistics are so low they don't even actively track them.  Your argument is invalid.
As a Swiss let me explain how that militia system works. Every adult male is conscripted into the army at age 20 and then has the responsibility to keep his semi-automatic rifle under lock and key at home, with a small, sealed round of ammunition. He then brings it to the annual three weeks repeater course until a certain number of these compulsory courses are completed or he reaches age 40. At that time the weapon is turned into the depot. If at anytime his sealed ammo case is broken or the weapon discharged outside army service he faces a mandatory jail sentence. Very few ever violate that law. The weapon is of meant for self defense but to be ready for immediate call up to serve in case of general mobilization.

This is exactly the system that was envisaged by the U.S. amendment for the right to bear arms and be ready to serve in the militia if called. It's been totally disconnected from its original meaning and used as an excuse for anyone to play Wild West law enforcer in the 21st century. 
+Rob Farnham They just don't track detailed statistics due to gun crime, it's low enough to not be a valuable statistic.  For example, I tried to find the number of gun homicides, but the closest you can get is homicides or attempted homicides.  In the US they have statistics right down to the caliber used.  Violence (gun or otherwise) is a cultural problem, not a gun access problem.
I should qualify my "gun access" comment to clarify, I'm talking about access by the population at large, not specific individuals (like this crazy guy, whom I'm sure every one agrees should have had no access to a firearm).
You are very right. 
+Joe Buhler From what I understand/remember they no longer issue ammunition, but you are allowed to fire your issued firearm for practice outside of the mandatory yearly training.  Please correct me if I'm mistaken.
I think that's true about the ammo no longer provided to take home and yes, there are shooting clubs where the weapon can be used to practice with ammo provided there for that purpose only. 
So the USA fervently fights a war against drugs (like marijuana which does no harm except relaxes the individual), but is cool with the idea of lax regulation on gun access (which is a tool that allows an individual to cause harm to a large number of people).

If you ask me, thats some upside-down thinking....
And before people tell me that there are already rules in place to control access to guns, those regulations are no good if unregistered users can still access these weapons.

If all the latest tragedies are caused by unregistered users, that means you need to tighten the rules so that guns are only ever handled by registered individuals.
How about the millions and millions of guns and gun owners that didn't shoot anyone today? Anyone (even unlicensed) can steal a car and crash it into another one. Does that mean we should only allow Americans to use public transportation? 
+Bryan Vukich people are the problem for violence, guns are the problem for shooting. remove the guns the shoots disappear very simple.
+Jared Aaron yes people can steal cars and then crash them, but measures are taken to mitigate that risk by having locks on doors and only allowing the ignition to start with the right key. It's hard to steal and use a car and requires extensive knowledge to do so. And you mention public transport, which offers an alternative to stealing cars and driving unregistered.

AFAIK there are no processes in place to ensure even the basic mitigation strategies once a gun in is in your possesion. Yes, smart people wilk do this but the vast majority of the population will be ignorant of what is best practice.

If massacres occur on a semi-regular basis then clearly something is wrong with the current process. Denying that there are flaws with the process when clear evidence of procedural failure such as Newtown occur is the highesy form of ignorance.

You can keep your guns AND implement some better mitigation strategies. Anything less means more Newtowns, Dark Night Rises shootings and Columbias.
And the excuse that criminals would always commit crime anyway is the weakest excuse. Just because crime will always happen does not mean you shouldn't throw your arms in the air and exclaim 'its no use'. Stronger regulations and mitigation strategies WILL NOT deter those with legitimate gun enthusiasts and will ensure the safety of new entrants.
People let's not let our emotions degrade our mental capacity. I know something should be done but let's wait until we can think more clearly
+William Frady You want to creating a productive learning environment for 5 year olds in a prison? "Fence around the perimeter and armed guard(s). " 

Lets leave the bleeding hearts out of it and try to use some fundamental logic for starters.
The 'Guns' didn't do it .... Why is it that nasty things always happen where the greatest gun restrictions are? armed guards/teachers would have prevented the level of loss that was achieved  .....
+William Frady I know it's hard to believe, but driving laws do actually reduce associated crime. It doesn't remove all of it, but the tragedies are no longer regular occurrences.

I'm not saying remove guns completely, but if criminals are using stolen guns to commit crines then obviously a few legal owners are letting the team down. Better regulation means training every owner on proper storage and best practices so that we can the reduce the opportunities a criminal from accessing weapons.
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