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Facebook is building a standalone app to compete with the red-hot impermanent photo messaging app Snapchat. Here's why it's good for both companies -
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+TechCrunch just went down a notch in my book. I don't buy it (meaning, the "goodness" of such an app. For what demographic? Tweens?)
Erik H.
I wonder why +TechCrunch continually reports Facebook's silly little activities on their Google+ page.
Yeah we here at Google+ don't care what happens to Facebook. New rule, while being here in Google+ we don't mention Facebook unless it is to bash. 2013 is the year of Google+, "Facebook is the social network of the past".
+TechCrunch So now, building an app which rivals a network which is primarily used for sending out 'lewd  & inappropriate' photos and for 'sexting' by teens is a great idea ? :-o
IMO, it underlines Facebook's standing as an unprincipled and sleazy network!
+Raja Mitra And with the Facebook one while you may think those lewd and inappropriate photos are gone they are actually sent directly to Zuckerberg's own PC where they remain forever
Wtf is Facebook doing? To me they're just running around like a chicken without a head buying startups here and competing there.

I think they are trying to be more like Google in a "we are your social experience" sense and they are failing miserably at it.

I think they need to sit down, kill the noise and focus more on their mobile offering and how to milk more money out of user data.
usually when fb fails at making their own apps, they end up just taking out their checkbooks and buy out. I hate Facebook so much and hope it gets the same fate as myspace.
FB is only trying to pull a Steve Jobs an steal great ideas, because they have the money and I suppose they think they can do it better. 
+James Anthony Myspace Tom never sold out. He was the type of person that always made time to have his profile automatically accept my friend request. 
Why are y'all talking bad about myspace?
Have you seen the demo for the new one? loooks sexy! 
Snapchat looks like something that belongs on phones of the 2.2 froyo era. It's hideous! It have no idea how this managed to make its way to TC.
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