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Half of Canadian pre-registrations for BlackBerry came from iPhone, Android users -
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Where else would they come from?
anyone else think this looks Very similar to a Motorola Droid X?
I'm wondering what the other 4 people were using? blackberry holdouts? windows phone? motorola razr circa 2003?
That's because Canadians like buying Canadian products. Their sentiment for locally produced items is sometimes stronger than the desire for the best.
+Petr Faitl Perhaps the same can be said for iPhone and American consumers? Only in the US is iPhone near 50% market share.
+Azriel Yao That's because the US has the highest number of hipsters and wealthy brats... iPhone es poo poo
Certainly looks like an iPhone 5 with windows 8 OS...
+Stanley Choto if you look at other screen shots you will not think windows phone... Personally though I won't buy one I do think the interface looks very slick
I wonder who is going to also RIM with patent infringement? Rounded corners, watch out now!
I'm an Apple fanboy... Will watch this device becoming a second thought whilst my iPhone still rocks!
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