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Maybe an early design of the iPhone with that nice phone on top. 
-1000 geek points for having a mobile-optimized page that requires Java(script) to view the slideshow, forcing me to wait until I was at my computer to view.

HTML5 - you might want to look into that.

ETA: brain moving faster than fingers type. Knew what I wanted to say, it just got lost somewhere around the elbow...
Java != JavaScript. No Java on the page - at least as far as I could see. 
I always feel kind of bad for some of these designs.  They're like the ugly children no one wanted and then thrown out/left in dark rooms somewhere, even if they are functional.
+Richard Samul Not sure I understand the problem you're having. I just tried it in 4 different browsers (stock, Chrome, Dolphin & Firefox) on my tablet and it's working fine in all of them.
+Charles Eye opened with the G+ app and Chrome on iOS - slideshow replaced by a "JavaScript required" message.

Do not make this an iOS vs Droid thing - other JavaScript on other pages work just fine on my device. Seriously, if HuffPo can figure out how to use HTML5 slideshows on a mobile-optimized page, surely a site dedicated to covering all things tech can. 
+Richard Samul I don't think he was planning on going there; all he did was observe it worked for him under a particular set of circumstances.  Chrome on iOS by default does not have access to the Nitro Javascript engine (unless you're using something like Nitrous), so you could give Safari a whirl.  Might do it, might not.
+Richard Samul I wasn't trying to make it a "vs" thing. For some reason, I had been assuming you were using an android (though having re-read your comment, I'm not sure why.) Just trying to help.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply.
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