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The Microsoft Surface Pro proves that the PC is back -
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i dont get y pc's are so great! Get a mac! The only disadvantage is gaming and price!
I hate mac vs pc fights, but in complete honesty I tried all of the mac laptops including the most expensive and choose the lenovo yoga. Apple products fail in my eyes. This is not a oooo pcs are better thing just an honest opinion.
Ari R
+J Servin , any specific reason why it's disappointing?
No, it proves you have to be a sucker to buy into what Microsoft is selling. MS is just another tech company at this point, and Pro is neither a good tablet nor a good PC. Good luck with those price points, too.
For one they lack a touch screen, I like to be able to reach up and do things on a full laptop with my hands sometimes. But other than that, I feel as if they are too locked down, many programs lack decent mac alternatives, and I didnt feel as if I would enjoy using it day to day like I do my yoga.
Why can't I press the back button to leave your shitty website?
::reads title, laughs hysterically in disappointment and disagreement::
What the fuck is this shit? TechCrunch used to have quality articles. Nowadays it's just fanboys for the various systems each taking turns touting the latest release from their favorite technology company.
Ari R
Guess they need a title revamp..back..back in line for slower days 
Since when did techcrunch became comedy central?
Eric E
This has to be the stupidest, ugliest, queerest waste of cheap plastic. Did I say queer? Wow I am glad Apple completely dominates the market with an array of idevices for every want or need out there. And the best part is Apple always has the best looking stuff so you dont have to look like some kinda wierdo freak person! 🍎
This is the computing equivalent of Frankenstein's monster. Grab your torches and pitchforks, it needs to be destroyed.
+Eric E.  Have you not seen the press conference where the dropped it on the stage and put trucks on it and used it as a skateboard. It is far from a waste of cheap plastic. Also, the ipad is running a phone OS. 
Don N
Probably will look worse with blue/black screen of death....
+T Davis it was most certainly not fixed with Windows 7. It happens less but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. If I run a fairly intensive Flash plugin on our Windows 7 laptop I'll get a BSOD. Windows 8 just changed the look of the BSOD.
The review says it's a good laptop, but I'm having a hard time imagining how to use the thing on your lap without it going all wobbly.

Did you ignore the kickstand and just lean it against raised legs?
+Paul Murley 99% of BSOD are caused by bad drivers. Microsoft has the control they need to make sure that the drivers that are used on this machine are good. (Unless you use some sketchy USB device)
So much hate for a product 95% of you have never touched. This should be a good seller for the enterprise. If it runs power point and has vga out it should work for most of the 50 and older crowd touting ms office around on their corporate Dell's.
I really want to replace my home/work laptop with one of these, 90% of the time im using it at a desk with a second monitor KB and a mouse, but in between it would be very light and easy to carry and I could use it in a pinch as a tablet.
Can't wait to get a Surface Pro. So happy with Win8 and I've been waiting years for a good Windows tablet that had a Wacom pen. 
i'm using a apple macbook pro (mbp) now and previously was on lenovo windows 7 pro, and i think (this is only my opinion) mac is better than the windows 7 pro on lenovo, but of course my lenovo was x100e version, so its a little slower with smaller screen (10+"), my mbp is 13" - i'm quite excited for the windows 8, i saw and hands on some of the win8 computer and impressed by its smooth operations, but havent use it for daily work (office, browser and some light games) so not sure how it performs...
I was am a Ubuntu user, I upgraded my win7 to win8 while the upgrade deal lasted. I didn't expect to like win8, but well I do. It's clean easy starts fast closed quick and this is on an i3. Bit amazed.

Stuck in a weird spot like win8 but live Linux toolchain.
The Surface Pro proves that the PC is back, according to TechCrunch.
I wouldn't mind this Surface after my MacAir and iPad 
Don't call it a come back, its been here for months.
The MS Surface Pro proves that the PC is the 90's. Back to shitty battery life for a portable device. What is the point of that? 
Disappointed about the usable memory available...
Thumps up for everything else...
+J Servin you can run Chrome in Windows 8 mode if you don't want to leave the metro interface
Don N
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