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I just got a discount on ZOMBIES, RUN! on Google Play for 75% off!
 2013 is gonna be great!
Let's hope a refresh of their Android app is soon to follow.
I started running with RunKeeper around Thanksgiving but after a couple of weeks the weather got too cold and I lost interest. Hopefully it warms up soon!
+Adam Stroud - if you need beta testers, I know there's plenty of followers of +RunKeeper , myself included, who would be happy to help
+Ian Lake Thanks, more beta testers always help. We are still in the early stages of the refresh, but we will post a beta APKs to when we get further along.

How is the app working for you so far?
Android version should've been first, it only makes sense.
+Adam Stroud - tracking works great on my Galaxy Nexus running 4.2, but my Polar HRM almost always loses connection ~10-15 minutes in since I upgraded to 4.2. Also there's still no way to share runs to Google+ - I need to manually go to the web, get the link to the activity, then share it (and then I get a bad preview image).
Tried it out today. It is a great improvement and its a terrific design but the vast majority of my exercises are mountain biking and while I appreciate having one app that allows for multiple exercise types this one seems to be too heavily geared toward running. For example, the primary graphic in the mobile app describing the activity is a bar chart of my pace - one bar per minute. For a mountain biker, or anyone not running around a flat track I'd think, that's next to useless without at least some consideration for elevation change. And where's the heart rate info?

And the goals are great but again, for me I want to set a goal for elevation gain.

I'm still testing it along with other applications but will likely end up going with something better suited to mountain biking.
Will the Android app refresh fix the audio cues volume control so it is separate from the media volume so it can be adjusted, or at least mute the music when the cue plays? It can be very difficult to hear the cues over the music.
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