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An iPad lover’s take on the Surface with Windows RT -
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Korey C
It is very pretty. I want one just cause.
that is totally ..........................................nice!!!!!!!!! :)
32gb hard drive becomes 16gb though right? 
I really, really wanted microsoft to have a hit and a viable alternative to the iPad. Every indication is that this will be another flop. However, Windows 8 will persist because there is so much invested into the infrastructure. I am sure Apple is thrilled to have even more converts.
I tried it but didn't like it

I love mine, it is super fast and feels well-made, unlike apple products.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha! That review... such a joke!
The review may not be fair and be biased, but one thing about it is true: it's very difficult to compete with mobile Apple products. Almost no bugs, hard-to-copy user experience, impressive engineering. The only thing to complain about is the price of Apple products. If not the price, why even look at competitive device? Who is offering something visibly better?
If the Surface flops, then Android tablets may be the winner....
+Artur Nowak You should use a current android device for a significant amount of time -- like a month -- and then revisit this statement.
Hopefully, I can get one eventually!!!
Good review. Blinding laptop.
For me it is a must have. I just wish Google made it & it was still as fluid & smooth 
+Artur Nowak You're joking right? Apple makes nice hardware & they are usually very reliable & consistent software wise. As for innovation & consumer freedom, they fail. As for pushing the envelope, they fail. Shall I go own...?
The quantity of bugs that +MG Siegler described just tells me that this product is Microsoft in it's main game. Ship before is ready (and given how long it took to get here, it would seem wise for them to just release something). The problem is that this is not the standard windows market. There are a lot of good and established products here, and Microsoft must convince people to switch. This is something that they haven't done before and it seems that they still don't understand that they need to make better products if they want a shot at it... 
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