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No more full Instagram photos on Twitter mobile. What the heck?
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Dave C
Not an Instagram user, and have only visited the site less than a dozen times. It's very poor of them to deprive Twitter streams of content because most people won't view these images otherwise.
Almost there, now get rid of the rest of it.
A vintage tint does not make the 5000th post of your new baby any cuter, and a soft glow does not make my ugly mug any prettier. 
And believe me, you're food isn't art. Neither is that beer, that cat, or that dog....
+Steve Barnes Hey hey hey, now I LOVE beer... But I don't wanna have to see a vintage, over exposed image of it repeatedly... And who takes time away from actually drinking the beer, to take a filtered picture of it?
Instagram, meet Facebook. Facebook competes with Twitter. End of story.
i thought its independent lol. funny instagram
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