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_______ is my favorite tech company in the world.
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I think it should be:  _________what tech company have you sold your soul to? haha. I like Google
its a tie between asus and google
Google and SpaceX
Microsoft... ahhh, who am I kidding, Google of course.
Google. They shook the whole industry out of its sad state of stagnation.
Bell Labs. C programming anyone?
Undoubtedly I would have to say that Google has provided so many things for the consumer at no direct cost. Take in to consideration some of the older things like Google Text Search, Google information (goog 411), Google Maps, and Google Earth. Then add some of the newer technologies such as the Chrome browser, Android, and Google+. How can you say anything else? :-) The other day my phone (Android) sent me and all of the other Android based phones in my area, an alert telling us that we had some very severe flash flood weather coming our way. I had no idea at the time, but started making preparations due to the fact that I have a low-lying area around my home. Awesome! 
Apple. Please. Google is a dead man walking. 
Google have yet to let me down, and I rely on them for an increasing number of things.
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