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Quick question: which one of these would you rather have - the Nexus 10, or the Nexus 4? You'll all find out why soon, so let us know.
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I'd buy N4
N10 has no SIM:((( iPad1 is dying a slow death. :)
hmmm, the one in the middle?
Ugh... hard question... Nexus 10... I don't have a tablet... But wait nexus 4 is a phone with Jellybean so Nexus 4...  But wait it doesn't have LTE so ummm Nexus 10. But wait I would rather actually have a smaller tablet... Ugh y u make this so hard?!?! :P

I think I'ma go with the 10...
Nexus 4. I'm still on gingerbread. Unacceptable.
I'd rather have the Nexus10
If the Nexus 4 had micro SD capability it would be a no brainer which one i would choose. The price range for both are awesomesauce!
I'd rather have the Nexus 4. I might be tempted to get a Nexus 10 at a later date but it's the 4 I will be getting first.
Hey...with the price of an iPhone 5 I can have both!
Nexus 4 for me please.
N4 first... I have an N7, so the N10 can wait!
I'd rather go with a Nexus 4, as I am very happy with my iPad and especially with the apps on the iPad. I love Android for phones, but the apps (e.g. Goodreader) are much better on iOS.
Nexus 10....LTE-less N4 is a killer for me! My Galaxy Nexus still beats it because of that. 
Nexus 4 - amazing IPS screen, much better camera (compared to the Galaxy Nexus), and of course all the awesome software of Android 4.2
Personally the Nexus 4 - the Nexus 7 is the perfect tablet form factor for me, and my current phone has been acting up quite a bit, what better time to upgrade?
Nexus 4 I already have nexus 7 so fine for a tablet
I want all of them but I'll go with the 4 to leave my iPhone 4
Nexus 10. Just bought the LTE GNex last week, and have no reason to upgrade.
I'd rather have the nexus 4. I'm an avid tech fan and need a reason to believe that android is on par or better than iOS 
Nexus 10. For some reason, I've been more interested in it than the 4.
Nexus 10. Appears to be the ultimate Android tablet, and... I don't have it ;(
I'll take the 10. I have a SGS3 that I'm happy with 
After getting either the Nexus 7 or 10, I think I'm willing to wait for the Nexus 4 (5th Generation) or maybe even (6th Generation if my current phone gets Jelly Bean).
I'd go for the nexus 10, my Galaxy Nexus phone still has some life left in it
Nexus 10. If the Nexus had LTE, and I fully understand why it doesn't, that would probably be the deciding factor that way, since I already have an N7.
Nexus 4 definitely. Tablet constructions are too bulky for me,I prefer a laptop if I'm going to carry something big anyway.
I'm getting the Nexus 4. I'm one of the few individuals who haven't a place in their life for a tablet. If any thing, I'll get the 7.
Nexus 4 - since I have 7 already.
I am going to buy the Nexus 4 first, and then plan on getting the 10 later.  My Nexus 7 needs friends.
Nexus 4. Nexus 7 (which I already own) is enough.
Nexus 4... not planning to get Nexus 10 unless it has data..
I don't know which one to puck they are both soon good
Nexus 4, please! I have a Nexus 7 tablet already, don't care to have anything larger.  
Definitely looking forward to the Nexus 10!
Nexus 4, already got the Nexus 7 so no need for 10.
Nexus 10, but I'm Getting Both!!!
BTW... I just purchased my daughter the Nexus 7...
Nexus 4 because I need a smartphone I currently have the nexus 7.
The Nexus 10 definitely seems like a more valuable device.
Hm, let's see, have the Nexus 7 and love that size, also have iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and soon mini iPad so it's hard to say but I'm leaning smaller rather than larger so I'll go with the 4 -thx! 
I want 'em both. :D
Tough choice... Nexus 10, no Nexus 4, no 10... Nexus 10.
Both! But I'll choose the 4 for this purpose.
Nexus 10 certainly
Nexus 10. I'm happy with my Gnex.
You should open your contests for the readers abroad! 
Nexus 10 for sure.
Personally, I'd go for the 10 right now.
Easily a Nexus 10. High resolution Android tablet with JB 4.2? Oh yeah.
Nexus 4. Mainly because I'm not a big fan of tablets. I haven't found myself doing anything other than reading books on my N7.
Nexus 10
Well, I'm buying the nexus 4 next week and getting a nexus 7 3G in a few weeks so for me the 10 would be a bit of overkill, though if they appear in a stonkingly priced deal I might be tempted :-D 
The 10 gives you such versatility in one device but I can't truck it around like a phone. Both are great tech.....but Nexus 4 all the way.
Agreed, definitely the Nexus 4, but the 10 still has my eye...
i don't like it
it's Traditional
Since I have a Transformer TF300TG, witch I'm very happy with, I definitely want the Nexus 4!
Nexus 10, My Gnex has another year in it easy.
Han Lee
nexus 10. I do not like limited memory capacity offered in mobile phone, even though nexus has been like this with exception of HTC Nexus One. On tablet, memory don't seem to matter as much as I tend to use it for productivity tool and general internet.
...that and awesome hardware on Nexus 10. I am happy with my Note 2 sporting 32gb micro SD , s-pen,4.1 JB  :)
I've been waiting for the Nexus 10 to be my next tablet!
nexus 4 i don't care much for tablets at  this point i just whip out my badboy laptop!!!!
N10.  I'm not seeing enough  of a reason to upgrade from my GN to an N4.
Nexus 4, already got a Nexus 7 so there is no real need for another tablet :)
N4 because I'm currently using a Rooted HTC Evo 4G since I took my NS4G swimming!
i chose the middle and got the 7 woohoo
Nexus 10, wifi tether to Galaxy Nexus and you can bring your LTE connection with you.
Nexus 10, currently have a GNex and I hope to make it last for a while still.
Love the shape and size abd looks awsome
Nexus 10! It's hands down, the best Android tablet yet! Can't say that with the same amount of confidence for N4 among android phones. 
N10 I have my relatively new Gnex so no hurry to upgrade but my xoom is geting older and slower!
The Nexus 4, I always carry my Smartphone so this definitely will be a great upgrade.
Nexus 4. I want a Nexus 10, but I already have a Nexus 7. :-)
I like to have my cake and eat it too so i will be taking the N4 and N10!
I want both. I shall not compromise. 
aveilebe in libya device >>>
Both. My HTC Desire Z is kinda old now. But i'll wait for Nexus 10 with 3G.
Nexus 4 cos I've already got a nexus 7
Nexus 10 is just right to get work done.
Nexus 10
Both!  Nexus 4 will replace my HTC phone and Nexus 10 will be my Tablet.  Hmmm may need to squeeze a Nexus 7 in there too...
I need a new phone more badly than I need a tablet. But I'd be really happy with both of them of course
Good question, +Andrew St.Hilaire. I didn't see a giveaway of either of them...
Maybe they can get their hands on one :p
Nexus 10
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