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Well done Microsoft
I don't like Microsoft. Why company on the edge of world innovations couldn't fix IE6 with all its bugs for 10 years. They have a problems with deployment of all that they have to the real life.
Looks like Microsoft has far surpassed the innovation of Apple. Its going to be interesting to see the next couple years of development. 
Why do Apple supporters see every other companies innovations as a direct threat to Apples integrity. Apple is no innovator.
Secondly I dear an Apple fanboy to give me 1 item of hardware that Apple has solely created and contributed to mankind.
+Mike Duganets: 10 years? IE7 came out about 5 years after IE6 which solved numerous issues. If there's an issue, it's companies (like the one I work at) who stuck to IE6 even after IE8 got released.
+Malcolm Weaich: It's because while companies like Microsoft and Google tends to keep most of their research work on a low profile, companies like Apple target user psychology and emphasizes on marketing. Ask around and you'd realize most Apple fans do not know that they didn't create technologies such as multi-touch display, the 3D maps, or even Siri. They simply bought what was already mostly developed by others.

Many of my friends or colleagues didn't even know who Jonathan Ives or Steve Wozniak was; they thought Steve Jobs designed and created all the well known Apple products.They didn't know of the failed one, such as the Newton either.

Sure there are some who do know, but where I come from, they are a minority. It's sad how blind brand worshippers can get.
I really had no idea about what Microsoft was doing and I'm really impressed! I knew about Analysis Services (witch I have used) and some other things, but programming DNA, or trying to, is something I never could have guessed! Great job on that Microsoft!

+Christian Mo Zelin Amen to that! I feel sad how many critical web applications have passed in my hands, for maintenance, that only work with IE6... 
Definitely interesting read. It did change my perspective and help reduce a few prejudices I had against MS lately. 
The problem has never been a dearth of ideas for Microsoft. They were there first with Tablet Computing and had an initial run with smartphones and personal organizers. But the path from great idea to execution goes through Microsoft's Stack Review which is designed to promote corporate mediocrity over technical innovation. 
Well, benefits from being desktop dominant and historically huge potenti al. So they don't rush. And it's very good that there is a company like Google that brings IT marketing to innovation level, so forces other donosaurus to do the same. And MS does a lot these last years and will do aggressivly more. Very interesting times came, let's see what happens :)
Impressive. This is how technology will remain competitive going forward. Failure to take risk and innovate could mark the end for any organization.
Great article but I thought Kinect was developed by an Isreali company and Microsoft just licensed it?
+David Iwanow I was just about to comment the same thing but you beat me to it. You're absolutely correct though, Kinect was not developed by Microsoft. That's a major error in the article. Looks like someone did not do their due diligence in researching for this article.
+Research at Google great article, but I am surprised you guys already have a set of commercially available like project Glass@ google using WiFi? It would be to get a light saber or sword for an X-Box game with force feedback mini sticks for palm of hand. Thee senss, touch swordplay and, see, hear, and hear them?
+David Iwanow, +Chris Blasko: Technically Kinect was developed by Microsoft, just that they worked off the chipset provided by PrimeSense. Kinect was a combination of several technologies, including software done by Microsoft's own labs which powers the Kinect games and apps.

See here for more info:

It's like we don't say iPhones were not developed by Apple just because they used processors from ARM, graphics chip from PowerVR and other hardware from Samsung, Sharp and other companies. Sure, they have modified some of the designs to make it their own, but they too were based of existing technologies and not started from scratch. The Kinect falls into the same category.

Edit: Added article link where PrimeSense themselves state the extent of their technology and where Microsoft's own code takes over to achieve what Kinect was able to accomplish.
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